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Al-Faloja Forums Fall Down… Go Boom…

It looks like Al-Falluja forums were part of the take down by the military/NSA last week. All of the mirrors are gone as well as the main site. This is one of the places I had been collecting on (previous post) and I am not sure if this was just collateral damage or if this was a main site of theirs. Interesting though, this site had some real good data including a message that OBL would be making a statement soon, and there was one this week (OBL message)

This all brings up the issue of why they took this site down and perhaps others. The arrest of 100 jihadi’s this week that was announced by Saudi kinda tips the hand I think. I believe that they had a massive plan and that the data was being trafficked on this site and others that were either being run by or had been compromised by the intelligence agencies. Either that is the case or, as the site that was taken down had affiliations with Al-Faloja, they may have just taken Faloja down to prevent blowback on themselves.

So, now I am going through the sites I have been auditing to see what’s left on the internet and what’s been taken down this last week or so. Thus far though, Faloja is the big one that is missing. With that though, I am going to segue way into talking about CAUI It seems that these sites may have been a direct effect of the NSA CAUI program. This has ruffled feathers at the CIA and other intelligence agencies but one has to look at the proportions of the arrests and the geopolitical/economic ramifications should the jihadist’s plans come to a successful conclusion. It would have been a nightmare with attacks on the main oil production facilities in Saudi being damaged or destroyed. The overall economic damage would have been immense as well as the capital it would have given the jihadi propaganda machine.

In the end, I really wish that the NSA and others had been able to keep the site up and just pass the data/make the arrests. However, it seems that they had their reasons for doing what they did. It does however leave the jihadis now wondering just what site is theirs and or has not been pwnd by some intelligence agency. This makes me wonder about their next steps. What is the likelihood that they are going to go underground with their comm’s or will they just be more careful and start creating more stealth sites?

Time will tell…

It also has me wondering whether or not a certain jokey might also be feeling a little more worried for DoS’ing sites that may indeed be run by certain intelligence agencies. Piss off the wrong people and ya might just find them at your door soon enough…. It’s much easier to get router logs from ISP’s these days ya know.


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