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Adam Gadahn, Azzam Amriki’s Dawa 22 Propaganda

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Dawa 22 *ask for pass and method of encryption to unlock*

The recent video that almost coincided with rumours of Azzam Amriki’s capture is a telling piece for the likes of Al Qaeda. It seems that Azzam and his pals have decided to adopt Nidal Hassan as a Mujahid but not “fully” as Gadahn says in the video. What I would really like to know is just how much of a “plan” Hassan’s act was as opposed to a spree shooting on the part of a mentally unbalanced individual.

Of course I have not heard much at all out of that whole case pretty much since he came out of his comtaose state post the shooting. Anyone heard anything about anything he has said about why he did it all? There has been some talk about his contacts with known mujahid types via email, but was he really locked and loaded by them with a formal plan? Gadahn seems to make that play within the video, saying that Hassan had planned things out and was methodical about it. I just don’t buy that.

Azzam/Gadahn goes on to propagandize would be followers to not only look at military bases as “high value targets” but also to look upon any target as high value as long as it strikes fear into the “crusaders” as he calls us as well as could strike a blow against our economic security. Overall, the propaganda stream is the usual ideology, but is mostly in English. This is important because of all of Al Qaeda’s efforts to reach out to non Muslims and indoctrinate them into jihad.

I would hasten to bet that Gadahn was indeed brought into the fold for this very reason. I think that he was thought of as a conduit for further recruitment of non muslims from the start. In short, I think he is just another Nidal Hassan who has been warped to jihad by his “peers” and now is their mouthpiece. Just another JihadJane really.. He’s just closer to OBL and Ayman.

It seems also that while I was locating this file I also came across this page where GIMF claims that a message from OBL is coming soon. In short, there has been an uptick in chatter these last few days on the sites I have been looking at. I am wondering whats up. I am also wondering now what the deal is with the alleged capture of Gadahn in Pakistan. At first ISI was all over that reporting that they captured him, then it was “maybe” then it was someone else. I have yet to hear the real dope on this.

In the meantime, I have begun collecting user names from Al-Faloja. The site has certain flaws that allow for more mining of user data.

الجبهة الإعلامية الإسلامية العالمية GIMF
قناص الجزيرهSniper Island
عبد الرحمن الانصاريAbd Al-Rahman Al-Ansari
القناص الزرقاوىSniper-Zarqawi
معاذ الأنصاريMaaz Ansari
ناصر الدين التميميNasir Al-Din Al-Tamimi
محمد المسلمAl-Musallam
عبوة لاصقةPackaging Adhesives
قناص خراسانSniper Khorasan
عبد الحميد الأيرلنديAbdel-Hamid Irish
عبد الله المهاجر1 Abdulla Al-Muhajir 1
صالح العوفيSaleh Al
صقر السليمانيةSaqr Sulaymaniyah
حمزة النجدي Hamza Al-Najdi
حيدرة الشاميHydra-Shami
كريم المغربي Moroccan Karim
Time Of Terror
مالك الغريب Owner of the strange
أبو ذر المهاجر Abu Dhar Al-Muhajir
الفـاروق عمر Omar Al-Faruq
محبّ رؤية الرحمن Loving Vision Rahman
سياف دولة العراق الإسلاميه Sayyaf Islamic State of Iraq
امير الاعظمية Amir Adhamiya
عاشق للإرهاب Love Of Terrorism
أبو الهيثم الأثري Abu Al-Haytham Archaeological
أبي عبد الله المغربي Abu Abdallah Al Maghribi
تماضر بنت الحارث Tomader bint al-Harith
مسعر حرب2 Priced War 2
سفير القاعدة Al Qaeda Ambassador
جليبيب الارهابي Gelebeb terrorist
الإرهابي المدمر Devastating Terrorist
ابو الاحنف الشيباني Abu Ahnaf Shibani
محب الملاحم Loving Epics
كلاشنكوف 1 AK1
ماجد الشمري Majed Al-Shammari
الخنساء Khansaa
دمعة تائب Contrite Tears ADMIN
ابوعبيدة* Abu Obeida*
اسد الثغور Lions of the gaps
ابو بردة Abu Burdah
احمد جاب الله Ahmed Jaballah
أبو عبد الله السلفى Salafist Abu Abdullah
باغي الهدى Seeker of guidance
ابو دجانة العراقي Dujana Iraq
راية الدولة The Banner of the State
ناحر الصليب Nahr Cross
سلمان الکردی Salman
أبي حفص البنشيري Abu Hafs Alpincheri
ابومهاجر الجوفي Eboumahjr undergound
فيحاء الشام Rainbow-Sham
قناص الحسبة Sniper Arithmetic
كتيبة الخرساء Batallion Mute
ابو طلحة الليبي Abu Talha Al-Libi
رائد1 MAJ1

Thus far Maltegos of a few of these names have turned up some interesting links. I will be posting more once I have all the data collated. The vuln assessments have been going well. Slowly but well. I should have some more interesting tidbits in the near future.

If you wish to use the data above for your own searches.. Be my guest.. *hint hint*


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  1. […] the mirrors are gone as well as the main site. This is one of the places I had been collecting on (previous post) and I am not sure if this was just collateral damage or if this was a main site of theirs. […]

  2. Falluja is back…and I would like to introduce you to Islam.


    2010/04/01 at 07:49

  3. allaho akbar falouja is back….:)


    2010/04/06 at 21:53

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