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Mapping Internet Jihad:Hani Al-Sibai Jihadist Mouthpiece or Double Agent?

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Meet Hani Al-Sibai: (Arabic: هاني السباعي‎), also known as Hani Mohammed Yusuf al-Siba’i ( هاني محمد يوسف السباعي ) and Hani al-Said al-Siba’i Yusuf ( هاني السيد السباعي يوسف ) (b. 1961) is an Islamist Egyptian Sunni scholar and lawyer who lives in London with the status of a political refugee.

As a lawyer in Egypt, he was a defense attorney.

Current location:

Maqrizi Center for Historical Studies London

المدير العام : الشيخ د. General Manager: Sh. هاني السباعي Hani Al-Sibai

Dr. Dr. Hani Sybaee Hani Sybaee

ايميل: Email:

المدير الاداري والعلاقات : ابو عز Managing Director and relationships: Abu Ezz المهندس Engineer

ايميل: Email:

فاكس: 00448712638636 Fax Fax: 00448712638636 Fax

ايميل: Email:

Wiki on Sibai

Article on his being allowed to stay in the UK

So you may asking yourself a couple questions here. First off, “Why is this guy still loose and living in London?” and secondly, “Just how involved is Hani in todays jihad?”

Well those are the questions that came to mind for me as I saw his email postings to pretty much ALL of the jihadist websites that I monitor and more. By doing a quick Google search of his email addresses above:

You get a plethora of hits to all of the sites that mirror jihad. Many of these sites are posts directly from him using his addresses or mirrors/mentions of his Al Jazeera appearances etc. So he is still quite active out there and in fact has been known to consort with terrorists of higher order. So, again, why is he still rattling around in London and spewing this crap?

I also ran some Maltego Searches of the addresses HERE that show you the interconnections he has to other addresses and sites. He has been quite the busy boy all these years. I have been digging into his persona online and have found not only his main site but also a Facebook profile and other extraneous ways for him to communicate Jihadist precepts and propaganda. is hosted in the US and is regularly updated. One has to wonder why this just hasn’t been yanked offline due to content and his connections to known jihadist sites. Perhaps its just that the providers and the feds have no idea? Or perhaps its his free speech that they seem to be protecting?

I first came across Hani while looking into the following site: which is a site that is hosted at:

IP Location: United States United States Columbus Columbus Network Access Point Inc
Resolve Host:
IP Address:
Reverse IP: 1,662 other sites hosted on this server.
Blacklist Status: Clear

OrgName:    Columbus Network Access Point, Inc.
OrgID:      CNAP
Address:    50 W, Broad St, Suite 627
City:       Columbus
StateProv:  OH
PostalCode: 43215
Country:    US (an obvious homage to OBL) in fact has the usual pictures of OBL on it with scrolling feeds etc. One has to wonder if the local provider has a clue that its there to start… Soon they will though when they get the email that has been cc’d to the Feds. Hani has posted to this site and or has been cited/credited.

It seems that often the map of internet jihad often contains the US as its terrain. So why is it that these sites still exist of they reside in the US? Could they all be being watched? I seriously doubt that with my last interactions with the authorities. Suffice to say, I am unimpressed with them.

In any case, back to Hani. Why would Hani be allowed to pollute the internet and the airwaves with his diatribes on jihad, post on all of these jihadist sites that recruit, and prepare shahidi’s? Why would he not be locked up?

Perhaps because he is in fact an asset?

Stranger things have happened no?

If you read the wiki you will see that the US and the UN has placed his name on the list of people banned individuals and as a financial supporter of Al Qaeda. So, why still would he be allowed to run free?

Odd eh?

My mind just keeps coming back to “asset”

So, I have done all the digging I can do at present on him. I have tried to locate any more articles that date to 2010 but so far nothing shows up. If his site is any indication nothing has happened to him and he is going about his normal business.

Of course, according to his CV we have his phone and fax number….

Shall we call him? Maybe drop him an email missive? Of course if he’s an asset this article might get him burned huh….


He’s still a pustule on the collective ass of society. Lets see what happens.


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2010/03/07 at 21:50