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Jihadi Propaganda Machines: Statement of the Declaration of unity between the Young Mujahideen Movement Camp and Ras Kamboni.

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Over the weekend I began some consolidation of data and links from my research into Jihadi sites. I began a new methodology for searches with Google and other tools and hit a mother-load of sites. Unfortunately, many of the sites were older (circa 2008) but, many of them still had working links to sites that either have fallen by the wayside or still harbor useful intelligence.

One of the hits that I found was an active vb BB that contained a recent post from a “Muslim Youth Movement”

Statement of the Declaration of unity between the Young Mujahideen Movement Camp and Ras Kamboni.

This statement is another sign in the road on how much “youth” recruiting the Jihadists are doing. There seems to be a full out campaign to indoctrinate as well as coordinate them within differing regions or tribal areas. This seems to be one of the Jihad movement’s attempts to re-invigorate the movements as well as perhaps collapse all of the disparate entities into a cohesive whole.

Another interesting find was the amount of WordPress and Blogspot blogs out there now that are stealth Jihadi sites. One in particular is a bit on the older side, but packed with links to other sites offering soup to nuts Jihad training as well as indoctrination. One has to wonder whether or not Google knows that they are also harboring terrorist sites?

Of course they should now as I have reported the site to the authorities… But we shall see what happens with that. What I would really love to see is Google identifying those who put this site up and other connections to it for the Feds to use in prosecuting anti-terror cases.

These are of course just a few of the numerous sites I located with Google searches. One has to wonder if there are any other people within the government and military doing the same?

Finally, on the same forum as the announcement by the Mujahideen movement, there was a section on “internet security” that piqued my interest.

Security tips for diners Discussion forums

In which the jihadis are admonished to be careful in their communications online. The writer claims that the CIA has set up jihadist sites for them to connect to and communicate so that they “CIA” can track and capture them.

Frankly that’s a good idea I think. I have to wonder if this is the case at all in some places. Of course this post is also telling the Jihadis to use TOR or other proxies to connect to the internet sites at all times. Prudent advise, but I have to wonder just how many TOR nodes are owned by government entities or have connections to governments. Lets hope that they don’t think that laterally shall we?

The post however is pretty much on the money on how to be careful when posting on these boards. This though will not stop them from being caught… Eventually.

Finally, another post from the same BB has a statement from the Yemeni APAQ group:

URGENT £ al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula / false statement to clarify information tyrants and crusaders

This is a statement refuting that any of the Yemeni government operations working with the US have been fruitful.

Methinks they doth protest too much.

In the end there is much more to wade through out there. I will post the interesting bits.


Written by Krypt3ia

2010/02/22 at 15:58

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  1. Good stuff Crabbz… curoious if you use anything like Zotero for research…?


    2010/02/22 at 19:23

  2. Thanks, no on the Zotero, but I just checked it out and will play with it. I usually use hand crafted Google searches in Arabic and then look at the URL strings to assure interest. They utilize much the same types of web server software. I then use Maltego to see the connections from there. I will let you know how the Zotero works.


    2010/02/23 at 01:40

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