(Greek: κρυπτεία / krupteía, from κρυπτός / kruptós, “hidden, secret things”)

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I whipped out the Maltego again today for some poking at a new site I found. By using the Google translation system, I was able to get user names and their Arabic equivalents which I put into Maltego. The searches turned up interesting findings on how these users tend to use the same user names for multiple sites that they post to.

Case in point was a user who had an email address that produced some real nice results in connection to others on the boards. As you can see above, the emails that turned up are a trove of who talks to whom and on what stage they do so.

Of course with each email you get an ever greater list of searchable names/sites/emails to go after but, its all worth it to see who is doing what. Especially if those users are mods on the sites in question.. Which, this guy was one.

The site in question resided in the US and I reported it to the feds so that they could maybe grab an image and look at the traffic to see who posted from where. I assume that not all of them are using proxies to make their posts to these stealth sites.

Lets see if they run with the ball…

More searches are HERE

Written by Krypt3ia

2010/02/11 at 01:17

Posted in INTEL, jihad, OSINT

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