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TOR Security Breach.. What A Coincidence

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An anonymous reader writes “If you use Tor, you’re cautioned to update now due to a security breach. In a message on the Tor mailing list dated Jan 20, 2010, Tor developer Roger Dingledine outlines the issue and why you should upgrade to Tor or now: ‘In early January we discovered that two of the seven directory authorities were compromised (moria1 and gabelmoo), along with, a new server we’d recently set up to serve metrics data and graphs. The three servers have since been reinstalled with service migrated to other servers.’ Tor users should visit the download page and update ASAP.”

So, the two of the TOR servers were compromised and used as attack boxes for… Something… Interesting…
Time to go download the update…

Written by Krypt3ia

2010/01/22 at 11:56

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