(Greek: κρυπτεία / krupteía, from κρυπτός / kruptós, “hidden, secret things”)

Efficacy in “Credible” intelligence reporting

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Credible intelligence has emerged that Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is plotting another attack against the United States and U.S. interests abroad, a senior U.S. counterterrorism official confirmed to Fox News on Thursday.

The intelligence is described as not specific about time, place or method of attack, but is being taken seriously, according to this official.

The new information does not come from 23-year-old Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who allegedly tried to bring down flight 253 on Christmas Day.

The rest HERE

This article fails to also mention that Canada has also been put on alert as of a day or so ago from a “credible” threat. Of course these threats do not need to be on Fox news or any other news source really. I have to ask, just why these things are broadcast in the first place?

Of course there is the publics need to know, but perhaps also there is the idea in some minds that by passing this out to the masses you might deter the attackers. On the other hand, it might actually cause them to act sooner.. Or maybe wait a while and do it at another time once things have cooled down.

I don’t know, I guess over all this kind of data release in my mind, only serves to make the travelling and other public just be on edge. Ya know, just like post 9.11 when the Bush administration kept using the color coded “terror” alert system to keep us all on edge.

I’m more of a mind that the services should keep it to themselves. Work the cases and do their best to stop the tangos before they act…


Written by Krypt3ia

2010/01/15 at 02:11

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