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Yemen: Al Qaeda Has Established New Camps – Report

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January 13, 2010 | 1900 GMT

Al Qaeda has established three training camps in Yemen’s Shabwa province, Asharq Al-Awsat reported Jan. 13, citing informed Yemeni sources. The camps are former Aden Abyan Islamic Army camps located in the Jabul Kur mountainside. The source also said al Qaeda is active in the regions of al-Bayda and Marib, and that “the people in the region know the location of these groups.” The source also told Asharq Al-Awsat that recently al Qaeda has “attracted many young people.”

So the video “Little Mujahids” might be playing out in Yemen near Jabul Kur. Of note is the phrase “attracted many young people” which is now the zeitgeist for the “movement” Its also a logical step for the Mujahids to attract youth, or more to the point, to indoctrinate them from day one.

The muj have also been spinning this online jihad with  more youth oriented content. Hell, even the recent find in Pakistan of the madrassa with the kids murals depicting 72 virgins post being a shahid is telling. So they have now begun the greater media campaign to get younger recruits.

Tactically these recruits would be to their advantage too. How many TSA folks or security forces will be looking for young children as a shahid? I guess this would be why, among other reasons, that the TSA/DHS also does perform searches on young children in the airport. They might be willing participants in a plot, or just unwitting mules for plastic explosives.

This intelligence report also is a harbinger of things to come. I believe we will be flying more predator and global hawks in the areas to combat these camps before they churn out a new and successful plot. Failing success with negotiating these overflights and missile strikes, I can foresee boots on the ground by the US and NATO troops being needed to root out the AQ of the Peninsula.

Time will tell.

Of course, I hope that the DoD gets this whole unencrypted feed on the predators issue worked out. Otherwise I think  the muj will be puting out fake camp sites as diversions and sitting on the cave floor with the $26.00 COTS and their netbook watching the show.

I would also like to see an NSA and DOD presence in the theatre with some SIGINT capabilities. I would assume they are using SAT phones as well as hard lines (when they can get them in populace areas) but for the most part, must be using point to point radio comms. If so, it would be advised to have some listening posts out there…


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2010/01/15 at 12:17

BVD Bomber Fan Club

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We’re going to take another look at the Internet now and the Jordanian suicide bomber who killed seven CIA officers in Afghanistan. Long before that attack, the bomber, Humam al-Balawi, was an active and prominent voice on extremist Islamist Web sites.

Jarret Brachman, who teaches at North Dakota State University, closely monitors many of those Web sites. He’d been following the radical postings of al-Balawi, a Jordanian doctor, who wrote under an assumed name. Brachman says that both al-Balawi and the Nigerian man suspected of trying to blow up a U.S. airliner on Christmas Day are now regarded as heroes on those Web sites. Good morning.

Professor JARRET BRACHMAN (North Dakota State University): Good morning.

AMOS: You have posted some of this new material on your own Web site, and show us some of those postings that you’ve found about these two men. Just describe some of the things that we’re seeing as we’re looking at the web here.

Prof. BRACHMAN: Sure. Well, Abu Dujana al-Khorasani – this is the Jordanian triple agent, as he’s become known. He’s very quickly become a hero on the al-Qaida Web forums. And so people have been making their own photoshopped posters and celebratory banners.

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Audio HERE

First off, OH NO! J35t3r will be after him next! but all kidding aside, I have been seeing much the same thing. In fact, if you go to the oft mentioned temp directory on my web server, you will see a folder marked OMAR. In there you will see those same banners that they are talking about in the report from NPR.

What the interviewee goes on to say is quite prescient. These people see even the failure as a success. Omar has struck a blow for the Jihad even if he did not become a shahid. In fact, in many ways, they are right about this.

Look at what the mere act of failing to blow his BVD’s and the wall of the airplane cabin into space has done.

  • We are on higher alert
  • More money is being spent on “Security Theatre”
  • We are having to go through even more screenings (theatre)
  • We are back into a just post 9/11 mode of threatcon’s on the news

So yes, they win again in many ways. Of course on the web, all of the followers out there are watching the videos, seeing these posters, and generally buying into it all hook like and sinker.

Meanwhile, it seems that generally here in the US, there seems to be a failure to compute on this…


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2010/01/15 at 02:51

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Efficacy in “Credible” intelligence reporting

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Credible intelligence has emerged that Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is plotting another attack against the United States and U.S. interests abroad, a senior U.S. counterterrorism official confirmed to Fox News on Thursday.

The intelligence is described as not specific about time, place or method of attack, but is being taken seriously, according to this official.

The new information does not come from 23-year-old Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who allegedly tried to bring down flight 253 on Christmas Day.

The rest HERE

This article fails to also mention that Canada has also been put on alert as of a day or so ago from a “credible” threat. Of course these threats do not need to be on Fox news or any other news source really. I have to ask, just why these things are broadcast in the first place?

Of course there is the publics need to know, but perhaps also there is the idea in some minds that by passing this out to the masses you might deter the attackers. On the other hand, it might actually cause them to act sooner.. Or maybe wait a while and do it at another time once things have cooled down.

I don’t know, I guess over all this kind of data release in my mind, only serves to make the travelling and other public just be on edge. Ya know, just like post 9.11 when the Bush administration kept using the color coded “terror” alert system to keep us all on edge.

I’m more of a mind that the services should keep it to themselves. Work the cases and do their best to stop the tangos before they act…


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2010/01/15 at 02:11