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The Assassination of Dr. Ali Mohammadi

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Doctor Ali-Mohammadi

The damage caused by the IED appears to be consistent with that of a low-velocity explosive packed with a form of shrapnel (perhaps something like ball bearings) — similar to a shotgun blast. Low explosives, like gunpowder or perchlorate mixtures, tend to heave and propel objects, while high explosives, such as RDX and PETN, tend to shatter and cut objects. The IED was located only a few feet from Ali-Mohammadi’s vehicle, but the metal frames of the vehicle and the motorcycle and Ali-Mohammadi’s body were intact – noticeably absent the type of blast effects normally associated with high explosives. There also was consistent 1-inch to 1.5-inch fragmentation damage all around the blast scene, indicative of some form of shrapnel being packed into the IED to make the device more lethal.

This story has gotten less play in the news than say the attack on Google by China. Which, really, c’mon, is that really news? I mean China hacking? SAY IT AIN’T SO! Anyway, this report from Stratfor puts some context to the incident as much as can be told thus far.

Iran has claimed that the Dr. was killed by a known monarchist group that is run by the CIA, but this seems specious at best and farcical at worst. What’s more they claim that that group has claimed the bombing as theirs.

The reality though as per the assessment and what I take from it as well as being an Iran watcher, is that this guy likely was done in with dual purpose. First off, he was a Mousavi supporter and that really does not bode well for living a care free life in Iran. Since all of the troubles with the rigged election and the fallout by the populace, I am sure that anyone attached to Mousavi is likely to be an easy target to use for propaganda and threat.

In this case, the unfortunate particle physicist who worked in the nuclear field, also likely was a great target for the Vevak to use against the US and the whole nuclear enrichment game that is playing out now. You see, we have learned recently through an MI6 asset that the Iranians are a bit ahead of what we thought them to be in enrichment and the bomb. In essence, the heat is on there. So, why not deflect and deter the US with a low yield IED attack on a certain professor who “could” have been involved in high energy nuclear physics and blame it on the great Shaitan?

Like the Chinese threaten you.. “May you live in interesting times”


Article HERE

Reuters Article HERE

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2010/01/14 at 00:23

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