(Greek: κρυπτεία / krupteía, from κρυπτός / kruptós, “hidden, secret things”)

J35t3r, your habits will be your undoing.

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Decided to do a little digging…





Amazing things a little technology and wits can do when looking through the intertubes for someone. Oh yeah, that would be “investigation” Yeah..

Oh and Colton is it? Yeah, your gaming penchant will also be your undoing as well as your being banned in so many places using the SAME moniker. You’d do much better to pay attention to those grifter movies out there. When your name is blown you get another one. Heh, j35t3r, not even original thinking…

You feelin me? Oh, and btw.. Did you know that my blog and my twitter have federal types who read them?




Written by Krypt3ia

2010/01/14 at 03:59

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  1. Ah, OSINT, how I love thee.

    What did you use to make the PNGs? It doesn’t look like Analyst’s Notebook…


    2010/01/14 at 04:58

  2. He used Maltego. Great tool!


    2010/01/14 at 16:03

  3. Scot,

    OMG yes ‘I feel you’.

    Thankyou for your lame attempt to finger me. You truly are even more dumb than I first thought. I can’t actually believe that this utter garbage came from a supposed ‘infosec worker’ (term used very loosely).

    Firstly regarding the ‘moniker’ how stupid would I be to choose a totally unique name. In choosing a name that is widely used, I have,
    as you have just proved, obfuscated myself. It’s like you can’t see the wood for the trees lol.

    There are thousands of j35t3r’s out there, but you couldn’t even get past page one of a google search on the word ‘j35t3r’ lol. Poor ‘Colton’ lol, I will contact him to let him know you randomly picked him out.

    How very feeble.

    I feel terribly sorry for the poor soul you have incorrectly named as myself. I love the way you create some total gibberish JPG’s. (Showing what exactly? – Please explain lol).

    While I am on the subject, with respect to your advice for me to report Jihad content etc rather than take it down myself, I have listened to your advice, and reported you for hosting Jihad Explosive Training Material here: to Rhode island State Police and the FBI, and as you say the spooks listen to you (muffled laughz) and should pick up on it in due course.

    You can use the argument that you are analyzing and researching etc, but take for example, a blogger on the threats to child pornography, by your example they would have a drive full of sick pictures, but it’s okay because it’s for errr ‘research’.

    As an aside before I ‘peace out’ please keep posting my IP in my replies, and notice how they move, all around the world currently Denmark.

    I actually don’t expect that you will even post this response because it shows you to be incompetent, but rest assured this very
    will get out via twitter if you don’t.

    Peace, Out.


    PS: stick to photography, you are clearly a better photographer than infosec worker. Oh, and you are breaking copyright law by using that iStockphoto of a jester without paying.


    2010/01/14 at 20:06

  4. “reported you”

    This punk gets lamer by the minute.

    Your craving for attention Jester, is giving the sites you ‘target’ more attention then they ever received before.

    The best part though, is that YOUR HINDERING police investigations. If LE wanted these sites down, they’d be down.

    Grow up kid and try to see the forest from the trees.


    2010/01/15 at 01:44

  5. I think this is the Hacker you call Jester.

    John Doe

    2010/12/01 at 07:16

  6. maybe follow this path…

    check “veria”

    An individual developing a “Xerxes SNMP Manager” communicating in English & coding in assembly language back in 2005:

    Who is interested in developing a half open TCP SYN scanner – and drawing some moderator heat for it.

    The link on the signature line of the posts no longer exists:

    but when it did, linked to a site mostly written in Persian/Arabic -that would be a useful language to have if you need to verify your targets are legitimate.*/


    2010/12/09 at 03:00

  7. For some reason all these jester posts make me want to go buy the old atari 2600 (stella) game of Joust;

    Anyone know a good blog or board at which to locate that jester fellow though, I was sort of hoping to ask if his name was ‘Eytan’ even though I’m sure lots of people have fallen into the draw of leet speak, much like cardboard crack games (ccg) and evercrack.

    So I’m sure it wouldn’t be the same jest type ^_^;

    Anyways, if somebody has any ideas or can send me new offers on mortgages or other marketing emails… my e-mail is my first initial and last name at that free google mail site.

    nick burkhead

    2010/12/10 at 17:34

  8. > translate > Vrya Kalantari = Veria Kalantari. The other names seem fabricated: Mehdi (the Shia missing imam) efforts, sworn out…

    Xerxes was a Persian King.

    Persians don’t like Arabs…

    or Jihad…

    Known to overplay hands as well…



    2010/12/11 at 07:47

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