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A predictable response….

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In response:

I was warned you didn’t play nicely with the other ‘kids’.

It’s rather amusing that in the absence of any concrete knowledge about myself or my reasoning, that you have resorted to pass me off as a child. Very classy.

Furthermore, the fact that you, a highly regarded blogger, and please make no mistake thats all you are, find it acceptable to be hosting Jihad Training videos, not just one, but 20 or so volumes, combined with the fact that you think that because it’s all in the name of ‘research’ shows exactly how important you see yourself. You don’t even try to lock the offending content down.

This to my mind is hugely irresponsible. I know you may now try to say it’s sitting there as a honeytrap, but I seriously doubt it, considering the BadBlue platform inherent limitations.

In the immortal words of your Bruce Willis: ‘If you’re not part of the solution – you are part of the problem.’

I am not here to justify myself or my actions, only to give MY opinion on your open letter to me. My motivations are my business. At least I was honest enough to come forward and approach you privately about your contributions to Jihadism.

I rather hoped we could have get our heads together regarding the threats we face. Alas you are happy to just talk jibber jabber.


When given no quarter and shown to be a fool, the only response is to denegrate the offender on the one hand whilst saying “we could have worked together so well” with the other. Of course this with an digestif of “stay classy”

Yes jester I don’t play nice with the “kids” because kids are usually as ill tempered and incapable of critical thought as you are.

I’ll be hearing about when the feds collect you… Soon.


Written by Krypt3ia

2010/01/13 at 11:22

I don’t suffer fools gladly…

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RE: your fileshare, I mistakenly mistook it for an Al-Qaeda training dropbox, you know an area on the internet hidden away in a Temp directory (for example), where jihadists can easily (if they know that location) learn all about how to blow shit up. Oh….wait a minute…

Anyway, I accidentally took said fileshare server down for 30 minutes, please find it in your heart to forgive me. Won’t happen again (from me anyway).

PS: about 20 DM’s on twitter tipped me off about this server and many of them were not that polite about you. if you really need this stuff, maybe you should at least think about a password on the folder, so that the bad guys can’t get at it (easily).

Peace out.


In light of recent events this is an open letter to the person calling himself TH3J35T3R on twitter. Of late this person has been a minimal annoyance to the internet by D0S’ing jihadist and “my” web server offline for 20 minutes at a stretch with a simple script kiddie D0S exploit. In the above letter he finally got the hint that my site is for research purposes and NOT a jihadist drop site as he took it to be. Of course had he done ANY of the leg work, he would have known better, but I digress.

So, Mr. Jester, I am willing to “forgive and forget” but I think you should be enlightened about a few things. First off, lets talk about what you have been doing these last few days if not more.

While I appreciate your desire to do “something” about online Jihadist web traffic, your overall approach and bravado in contrition to me belies your age. As you are likely a young man, perhaps you have not gained the ability to sit and think about your actions and what might be for the greater good. Would a D0S for 20 minutes be the right thing to do? Or actually maybe calling on the provider of the site in question and telling them they are hosting Jihadist content. The latter would be much better because then perhaps authorities could get involved and lead to actual capture of the players no?

Let me give you a hint.. Its the latter.

This then brings me to the burning question in you mind as to “why” I would have the content available (and yes, I know you got my IP address from my own TWEET about those files, so I don’t think you are even doing that much to understand the issue at hand) on my server. As you now are aware of this site, I post research and commentary about Jihadi activities as well as other security oriented fare here. This alone should make the connection in your mind that I have a reason to do so. I do not have a Jihadist website on my server nor do I post these things to Jihadist forums. However, were I to do so, then it would be way above your pay grade to understand my machinations in doing so. If you still have a problem understanding this, I will chalk it up to your youth and lack of adult faculties.

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

Now let me disabuse you further about what you think you are doing with these antics. First off, your efforts are as a whole meaningless. No matter how much you believe you are being 3l33t and making the blogosphere talk about you, in the end, you mean nothing. I’m sorry to tell ya, but you are going about this all wrong and likely, I think it is due to your age. D0Sing these sites for 20 minutes does nothing to the chain of data that is being passed both in the open and covertly by the Jihadists. Never mind that your actions are illegal and could end up with you being tried for this action just like MafiaBoy and I don’t think you would like Federal pound me in the ass prison.

The data that you came across from my tweet was culled from numerous “uploader” sites around the globe. NONE of them was obtained by any “drop sites” In fact my friend, the Jihadists have not been using that technique for quite some time (dead drops on hacked sites) for the most part all they need to do is upload them to rapidshare and viola, everyone can get them. From there the links are mirrored to zillions of sites which, if you were to take one down, five more exist in its place to serve up the link to the content. So, you lose. Your efforts are useless. This in fact has been a zeitgeist lately in the news about stamping out these site, and really, its impossible.

Look at the problem in another way, if you can’t shut them down, then track them, track the users, and get their locations and names. THIS jester is the way to make a difference… But perhaps this is too much leg work for a bloke like you huh? So why don’t you leave it to the professionals?

So, in closing I will leave you with these parting thoughts.

1) 9/12-9/14 2001 I worked at the hole that was WTC So, I have reasons for what I do.

2) I do the above things and I pass it along to those who desire the data

3) I blog about such topics to the readers of this blog so they also get an idea of what is really going on out there.

4) I track my traffic

5) You’ve got drive, why not put what skills you do have to making a difference than being an annoying glory hog?



Written by Krypt3ia

2010/01/13 at 00:01