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Little Mujahids: Ansar propaganda you will not see on mainstream news

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Last night I came across this video. The name pretty much says it all, but for those who don’t have a real grasp of the situation, “Little Mujahids” means “Little Holy Warriors” or as they are often calling them too “Little Lions” What this video depicts is child warriors from all parts of the Muslim world and pretty much sums up what the Wahabist and ultra right Muslims have been up to, training the next generation of Holy Warriors.

This 35 minute film will show you what you all have to look forward to in the future. A new and extremely “devout” warrior class that has had the Qu’ran, hatred of apostates, and “khufar” seared into them. I believe that the Madrassas are now  not only the places of Qu’ranic teaching, but also directly mirror the Jihadist camps that we first saw the videos of back in 2001 and on. In fact, if you watch the film you will see a training camp sequence that has the children going through the jumping/crawling/firing etc that you saw from those Afghanistani training/recruitment videos back in the day.

Now one has to understand the classic environment where Madrassa’s are concerned. Most of the time these kids are being wrote taught the basics of reading but nothing more. They are taught to memorize the Qu’ranic verses and then get tutelage in the “meaning” of the verses by whomever their Imam is as well as visiting Imam’s. In the case of the right wing or “Wahabist” madrassa’s, you have a particular bent toward being a Shahid and to a life of Jihad. In fact, as one Imam I saw recently said it;

“The absolute pinnacle of Islam is Jihad”

Which of course could mean internal religious struggle to be “good” but, in the context of the speaker, it was toward hating the apostates, the khufar’s (aka any non believer, aka you and I) and generally to believe that holy war IS the pinnacle and aegis of Islam.

Think on that.

So, lets apply this to future outlooks.

1) They are now sending children to these camps en masse

2) AQ and others have found their new future, and that is in their children, who they are starting VERY early at these camps

3) AQ and others have also been using youth and youth angst (lets call it the emo Muslim set) not only within their borders but now also outside in many other countries to recruit. Omar “Farouk the Nigerian” was one of those emo kids that got spun into their web and became the “Underwear Bomber”

4) How long will it be until a VERY young “Little Mujahid” gets aboard a plane with an underwear bomb or some other device?

5) Being raised this way, will there ever be an end to this?

All of these things should be on your minds. So far I have not seen one whiff of this in the news media but its out there on the boards for all the Jihadi’s to see and propagate on the net. How many more Emo kids will be brought into this life and mindset at their local Masjid? Perhaps your local mosque has a certain Imam visiting or a cell of “Little Mujahids”  already being trained.

I hate to say it, but we are dealing with a “cult of death” and we need to act accordingly.


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2010/01/02 at 14:17

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