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Movie Review: AVATAR 3D

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AVATAR, the single word titled movie that has been much hyped for some time now. I finally broke down and saw the film today with some free tickets that we had been given. I can say now that I am somewhat happy that we didn’t pay to see the film.

Let me first start out by saying that usually any film as much hyped as this one tends to be in my book, not all that and a bag of cookies usually. This film already told me by its even crossing into “jump the shark” territory by infecting “Bones” with a whole episode surrounding getting into line to get tickets, even waiting overnight. This alone really told me that I just did not care.

It is with this in mind that I went to see the film today. It was also in my mind that I HATE 3D on average for a couple of reasons. The first one being that poorly done 3D just adds nothing and the second being that the glasses and the technology invariably give me a huge headache. In the case of AVATAR, the 3D was ok, but the technology (aka glasses etc) gave me a headache that made my viewing super fun! Maybe someday they will make corrective lenses for those terminator shades huh?

Now, onto the film proper. Here’s my twitter that pretty much sums it all up:

“Micro review AVATAR: 3D Dances With Wolves in space set to Titanic Soundtrack.”

That’s exactly what went through my head as the film was ending. There is no other way really to say it any more succinctly. It’s the story line that really just doesn’t cut it for me on this film. It’s a bit hackneyed and too derivative of an Al Gore “green planet” film than an epic fantasy. Look, if I wanted morality plays I would pick up my Aesop’s Fables and be done with it James. So no, the nearly 3 hours of film that shakes its digital fingers at humanity and the corporation doesn’t make me want to go plant a tree. Instead it made me nauseous from 3D and drippy scripting headache.

On the other side of the picture though, I will say this.


That’s what the thing should really be about. This film certainly does break ground on that account. Otherwise, lets please leave the schmaltzy ham fisted plot lines out mmmkay?


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2010/01/01 at 23:07

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