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Meet the enemy: Urgent Statment By Al-Qaida In the Arabian Peninsula

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The intertubes are alight with salutations and blathering by the Jihadists and wannabe’s lauding the FAILED attempt at blowing up flight 253. In looking through the sites I came across the english translation of the AQ in the Peninsula bulletin

Urgent Statment By Al-Qaida In the Arabian Peninsula

as well as the PDF version in Arabic

PDF Version in Arabic

It seems that these folks all consider this a win in their book even though he failed in his mission. I am assuming that the bomb maker failed here and could indeed be the same one who made the Reid bomb, but hey, if someone is that bad at it, they would not be around long I suspect.

Anyway, I began to use Maltego on some of these sites and really got a groove on with a certain new 007 on the boards..

Maltego Search

I guess someone has taken over where Irhabi 007 left off.. But, they forgot that the ol’ Irhabi 007 is in jail being traded for cigs.. So…..

Thought you all would like to see what your enemy thinks and how they think it.


Oh, and I would not recommend going to the root site unless you are TOR’d Otherwise you might find some Feds on your doorstep.


Written by Krypt3ia

2010/01/01 at 00:02

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