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Sherlock Holmes Reboot

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Sherlock Holmes, a name that has connotations of Basil Rathbone and a castle in Connecticut. The reboot of the franchise started last night and I was happily in the audience to see it. Now, I am not a rabid “Holmesian” or any kind of “Baker Street Irregular” whatsoever, but, I have read some of the works and seen some of the old films. In essence, I like the character, the period, and the idea of a deductive reasoning egomaniac. I guess it’s why I like “House” so much..

In any case, this movie could have been a real disappointment.. Happily, it was not. While it was not epic, neither was it uninteresting or grating on the nerves as much of what has been coming out of Hollywood lately has been. Guy Ritchie did take some liberties with Sherlock’s character though, adding the martial arts, a late night underground boxing penchant, and a more pronounced addictive personality in Sherlock. All of these things lend an edgy quality to match the slick stylings of the film ala the rest of his “Snatch” like repertoire. All of which I liked.

Whats more, this films depiction of Victorian London, Masonic “like” ritual scenes, and overall darkness had me thinking about the LXG graphic novels. Especially so of the “Black Dossier”, the last LXG novel to be put out. I liked the way that Miller and others had mashed together all of the period characters from fiction into one cohesive story, including a Mr. M.. Moriarty….

But, I digress.

The film is a bit weak in plot line however. The machinations of Blackwood are a little too clear and not hard to discern. However, the second player’s goals were a bit of a nice surprise, albeit a rather transparent shot at a sequel… Which I hate. Why not be a bit more like the Indiana Jones series and leave us with a whole story without an ad for “next time” mmkay?

Overall, the movie was good and I would see it again just for some of the visuals and comedic banter with Holmes and Watson. I would also like to see Ritchie make this “franchise” a bit darker and allow Downey to do some real work. After all, he knows addiction and darkness very well. I think a “Seven Percent Solution” would make great fodder for Downey.

Thumbs up.. See it.


Written by Krypt3ia

2009/12/26 at 22:06

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  1. I found it visually appealing, and I also loved the soundtrack. Hard-pounding, bass-driven, but also somehow authentically old-world. Hans Zimmer did a good job with this one, quite unique.

    My one and only beef was the obvious “ooh, here comes the sequel pitch” moment towards the end. That’s become the Big Cliche of the Aughts in my book.


    2009/12/27 at 01:54

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