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CAIR Under Investigation

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Sayed Qutb: Mentor to Osama Bin Laden

A young man named Chris Gaubatz, posing as a new convert to Islam named David “Dawud” Marshall, secured an internship with CAIR in 2008 – and began to carry out of CAIR headquarters 12,000 pages of documents and even audiotapes of CAIR officials.
This material became the basis for the explosive book Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America, by Chris’s father David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry, which contains numerous revelations about the group’s shady internal dealings. Muslim Mafia confirms what veteran CAIR-watchers have long suspected: that CAIR is an integral part of the Muslim Brotherhood’s apparatus in the U.S.

The Brotherhood is an international Islamic organization, the parent group of both Hamas and Al-Qaeda, that is in its own words dedicated in America to “a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house.” Muslim Mafia contains details of how CAIR has tried to block anti-terror investigations — and has meanwhile insinuated itself into the highest levels of power in Washington.

CAIR Finally Under Investigation

Given the revelations and deafening quiet surrounding the revelations by Sibel Edmonds I am so NOT surprised that this CAIR revelation could be in fact quite true.

Since the 90’s I have been clued in on the fact that the FBI and CIA both were trapped in amber surrounding “PC” attitudes and group think. In this case, there is a much more raw nerve to be touched upon because the Middle East holds much of the oil keys that “we” want to have easy access to. So, we soft peddle things in order to smooth the surface and have a “good day” with our “special friends”

Now, I am not a Muslim basher, in fact, think that ALL religion is a bag of crazy that leads all men and women to a special kind of dementia. However, the Wahabists do have a special bent for violent reactions to anything that they don’t like. This in tandem with the fact that they actually “do something” about it and use their particular version of the Koran as the guide book and raison detre makes them all the more dangerous.

These people, much like the ultra right conservative Christians, think that they are in a holy war against Shaitan, and Shaitan being anyone who does not believe and act as they do accordingly.

*waves hi, my name is Shaitan!*

So, back to CAIR being an arm of Jihad… Yeah, I can buy this. How better to get funding and intel than to be inserted into the government and populace? All plugged in and able to pull strings that need pulling. Just like the Turkish intelligence operatives that were *are* working within the PAC groups and even within the FBI (see Sibel Edmonds link above) I am sure that there could be elements of Jihad working within the CAIR. Could CAIR itself just be a complete front? Maybe… But I doubt it.

I guess though, that this article and the recent activities of the 5 guys from DC who were caught in Pakistan should have people thinking about the state of Jihad in America. The five boys at the very least should be a wake up call for the US that a new wave of jihad is starting to bud here. These kids were seemingly adjusted and not in contact with anyone that anyone knew of… But then they were online talking on jihadi web boards. The cyber jihad has come home to roost.

My question is this:

“Just how long will it be until one of these kids straps up with some home made manure bombs and takes himself out at a mall?”

Current thought within some circles believes that US Muslims are too well adjusted and integrated to do such things. I say that that concept is wrong and that the jihadi masters are doing the very same thing they do in the Med. Since they don’t have them in close proximity to brain wash though, they instead find them online, and lead them to the right mosque or individuals. They then inculcate them into the fold and set them off.

This has been a trend and soon enough they will not just have them come to Pakistan to train but instead send tutorials online…

How long until we have our very own shaheed suicide bomber?

Time will tell…

So yes… I say investigate CAIR and for all those self interest oriented senators playing interference I say bugger off.


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2009/12/13 at 01:09