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Oh How Times Are A Changin…

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                                  THE MAN
                         I can't help that. All I know is I 
                         got my orders. They told me to tell 
                         you you got to get off, and that's 
                         what I'm telling you.

               Muley stands in anger. The two younger men pattern after 

                         You mean get off my own land?

                                     THE MAN
                         Now don't go blaming me. It ain't 
                         *my* fault.

                         Whose fault is it?

                                     THE MAN
                         You know who owns the land--the 
                         Shawnee Land and Cattle Company.

                         Who's the Shawnee Land and Cattle 

                                     THE MAN
                         It ain't nobody. It's a company.

                         They got a pres'dent, ain't they? 
                         They got somebody that knows what a 
                         shotgun's for, ain't they?

                                     THE MAN
                         But it ain't *his* fault, because 
                         the *bank* tells him what to do.

                         All right. Where's the bank?

                                     THE MAN
                         Tulsa. But what's the use of picking 
                         on him? He ain't anything but the 
                         manager, and half crazy hisself, 
                         trying to keep up with his orders 
                         from the east!

                         Then who *do* we shoot?

How is it that people have forgotten the cause and effects that bring us to these times?

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2009/12/11 at 18:50

A Blow Against The Proletariat?

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The computer hack, said a senior member of the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change, was not an amateur job, but a highly sophisticated, politically motivated operation. And others went further. The guiding hand behind the leaks, the allegation went, was that of the Russian secret services.

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Well well well.. I was just saying to someone the other day that I had thought that this hack was a paid and planned gig. The real tip off for me was that the hackers had been culling data for some time before the release to the intertubes. As it turns out, there is even more evidence to perhaps link this hack to Russia.

The files were placed on a server in Tomsk, which could be a coincidence.. But…

At any rate, this smacked of a directed attack against the whole idea of climate change and likely was a paid exploit.

Who would have the most to gain here?

Would a nation state seek to quash the argument?

Interesting timing with this whole Copenhagen climate summit going on no?

I have to wonder if we will ever really know…

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2009/12/11 at 01:56

Buy this fake purse… Or else…

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New York (CNN) — A shootout Thursday between a police officer and a street peddler in busy Times Square — crowded with holiday shoppers and tourists — left the suspect dead but no one else harmed, New York police said.

New York Police Department Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne said gunfire was exchanged after a police sergeant confronted two men who were selling goods on the street. The sergeant, a member of a task force on street peddlers, believed he recognized one of the men as using “aggressive” sales tactics and coercing tourists to buy unwanted items, Browne said.

One of the men fled, pulled a Mac-10 pistol and fired two shots at the officer, Browne said. A bullet shattered glass in the window of the box office of the Marquis Theater and the other bullet hit a nearby souvenir shop, Browne said. See iReport on shooting

The officer returned fire and hit the suspect, a 25-year-old man who was later pronounced dead at a hospital, Browne said.

Browne said the suspect’s gun jammed, with 27 rounds remaining in the weapon. See WABC report on the shooting

Police found a business card for a gun dealer on the victim, Browne said. On the back of the card was a handwritten note saying, “I feel sorry for a cop who thinks I’m getting into his paddy wagon.”

The gun was reported stolen from the Richmond, Virginia, area in October, Browne said.

Wow, just wow. Having been a resident of NYC and just been standing in the area of the shooting a few weeks back, I can’t help but to see this all play out in my head real time like I was there. So here are some observations…

1) So, street vendors can be arrested for “aggressive” sales tactics?

2) A friggin Mac-10! DAMN, this guy was fixin on some killin

3) Hmm Mac-10 Jamming? Damn lucky

4) Damn fine shooting on the part of the officer

5) Interesting this gun dealer card with the “You’ll never take me alive coppers!”

6) Ok, I am a New Yorker because NO street vendor is making me buy ANYTHING I don’t want.. Unless they pull a Mac-10 on me..

I have to say, out of all the time I lived in NYC, I never saw anything like this…

Written by Krypt3ia

2009/12/11 at 00:12