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Is Shutting Down Cyber Jihad Possible? The Real Scope of Cyber Jihad

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Is Shutting Down Cyber Jihad Possible? The Real Scope of Cyber Jihad

by ADMIN on DECEMBER 1, 2009

MEMRI, 1 Dec 09: The exact number of Salafi-jihadi websites and forums has been a matter of debate among experts; the figures proposed range from a few dozen to thousands. The surge in the number of Islamist blogs in the past two years has intensified the debate and made calculation even more difficult. Scrutiny of many of these cyber domains, however, reveals that though the number of jihad domains is indeed high, only a handful of these domains can be considered significant and prominent sources of jihad material.

Currently, fewer than five forums are used by jihad media companies as a direct channel for disseminating their products (e.g., jihad films, texts, and audios). Moreover, only half a dozen Islamist forums attract multi-participant discussion among jihadists and jihad sympathizers worldwide. Most jihad cyber domains initiate very little, if any, original discussion, primarily reposting material from popular jihad forums. Hence, disabling the few prominent domains could seriously cripple Islamists’ ability to conduct mass online discussions, and could also hamper the rapid spread of jihad material in cyberspace. . . . . .

I have been finding this too in my extra curricular activities. Mostly the domains out there are replicating the postings from one to another. However, there are stealth sites out there without domain names attached that seem to have some new content.

The third gen version of the “Jihadi Manual” was a rather interesting find, but mostly I have been finding the usual file assortments of pdf fatwas, the manuals, jpegs, swf shaheed movies and numerous IED videos. I am hoping though, that the ever growing number of “stegged” jpeg files eventually turns up something of interest.

Surely there must be some more stealth php sites out there… Hmmm….

Back to the Google cave…

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