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The Road Ahead: 30K More Troops Out by 2011

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Well, after watching POTUS give his speech to the kids at West Point I am not impressed. I know that the president inherited these two wars and that basically W fucked the GWOT by going into Iraq. However, by setting a timetable, and trusting in the Karzai government to shape up within a year or so just ain’t gonna cut it.

We would be better served to use those 100K troops to run sweeper teams within the Tribal Areas (Waziristan) and take out the hard core Talib’s and, dare I say maybe actually kill or capture OBL. THEN and only then we should work with the Karzai government to clean it up and allow them to try and give themselves a progressive governmental body. THAT will not happen until the hardliner Talibs are all deceased. You want an analogy? Try on China for size. For all of their “progress” they are still a repressive government with hardliners in charge.

So here’s what I see that needs doing as opposed to just a troop increase.

1) Sweep and clear the tribal areas of Pakistan.

This will require some wheeling and dealing, which in the end will come to strong arm tactics on the part of the US against Pakistan to get them to acquiesce. It needs to be done though. Pakistan needs to be shored up too, hell, re-formed altogether really. They too need the Talib’s purged as well as AQ from their ranks. All we need is for AQ and their merry band of Talibs to get their hands on the nukes. They have been testing the security… How long before we have to go tactical on Pakistan just to stop AQ from making off with one?

I say use the UN resolution and get together a RAINBOW style series of teams and take these fuckers out once and for all. No fuss, no muss. It will be an “international” effort to save the globe.

2) Once the AQ and Talib situation is taken care of THEN we work on the Afghanistan government building.

We invest in their infrastructure, their economy, and build good will as opposed to the fine “Fuck You”  we gave them after arming the Mujahideen’s against the Sov’s. We should have helped them re-build then and its our fault that we didn’t. To be honest, some of the reasoning behind the talib’s and AQ’s mindset included the above short shrift by the US. Just how long this will take I have no idea, but we should be in for the long haul until such time as the tribal nature of the populace is replaced by a more cosmopolitan outlook… THAT will take some time… But, it has to happen otherwise any government in place will fall to the same crime and squabbling that reigns today.

3) We should remove ourselves from Iraq as soon as possible once their government has been purged of the same criminality and squabbling.

How long this will take? I have no idea, BUT, we have really worn out our welcome there as well as damaged any credibility we had post 9/11. We would have been much better served if we had worked harder at Afghanistan/Pakistan and left Saddam alone. Had he acted up, we could have taken him out then. Instead… well you know the story.

4) We need to actually finish ALL of the recommendations put forth by the 9/11 commission and shore up the defenses of this country.

We have been playing catch up with tools that countermanded the US Constitution thus far, but how long is it until we screw the pooch and another attack actually succeeds?

Fix the God Damned Emergency Response COMMS!


Secure our Nuclear and Biological facilities!


Will this happen? Not likely… So I foresee bad things on the horizon. I don’t think this will succeed and I believe we will be in Afghanistan for a long time to come. We will continue to flail about and HOPE for the best. Meanwhile the Taliban and AQ will just continue on in the Tribal regions dodging predators and sending out more runners with orders to post on the newly posted. “Godaddy” domained, Jihadist PHP board.


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2009/12/02 at 02:53