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Tea Baggers Embrace Igor Panarin

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Teabaggers… Yes, they are still around and attempting to “Teabag” this iteration of US administration in the eye. In my mind, they are the worst of the bags of crazy out there. They are the ultra right wing, over the edge, AM radio broadcasting, nutbags crazy enough to actually “try” to bring something like Panarin’s theses into reality.

This week Panarin made a trip to the United States. Tea party activists were waiting. On Monday night, the Houston Tea Party Patriots sponsored a speech by Panarin at a local Hilton. The event was titled “Global Crisis: Can the United States Remain United?” Panarin’s hosts, according to a flier promoting the event, want to “make sure” Panarin’s scenario “never happens.” But they weren’t sure it wouldn’t come to pass

Igor Panarin is a crazy gas bag that has been saying shit like this for a long time and now he is being linked to and welcomed to the teabagger parties. That’s it, the teabaggers have jumped the lithium shark now kids. These folks have become completely unhinged to actually believe this dystopian “Postman” BS that ol’ Pravda Panarin has been peddling.

I frankly fear for the future when we have the likes of Fox broadcasting the fear 24/7 in their “fair and balanced” mongering way with all of these teabaggers seething in front of their tv’s day and night. If anything, these people could try to light the fire in hopes of bringing it all on like the crazies trying to hasten the end times.

I recently watched a video interview of people waiting in line for a chance to get a signed copy of “Going Rogue” and man they scared the holy jeebus out of me with their “Know Nothing” mentalities. The piece made ME want to cling to my gun and my encyclopedia to twist a phrase from a former presidential candidate. Frankly, anyone with a brain stem should be afraid of these people.

And before any of you out there get your dander up, I have no problem with discourse and I have no issue with them having their opinions. They are entitled to them! But, they are just rather scary angry and many seem to be just a bit over the line of sanity for me, thus my sentiment here.

Lets look at it through another prism…

Go in and take an honest look between the most ardent and whacky of these folks and then contrast them to the most ardent insurgents and Wahabists out there…

Yeah, I went there…

Can one honestly say that they are that much different? I mean, how long is it til another Tim McVey shows up with a fertilizer bomb to a federal building?

How long til another body is found with FED scrawled on it (yes that was a suicide, but he tried to incite that whole thing by doing the way he did)

So really, anyone who is blind to the realities and chooses only to get into lock step with their crazy peers may as well be either a Teabagger or a Wahabist right?

Scary times…

It’s in these times that the “strong man” usually shows up and the sheeple begin the following. Of course what’s being said now by these folks is that is exactly whats happened with the election of Barack Obama…

Yep.. “Bag o’ Crazy”

Social Engineering: The Gate Crashers

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First off, let me say “KUDOS” for actually getting into a state affair with the Secret Service at the door as well as trained snipers on the roofs and NOT getting shot. However, MAJOR points must be taken away for posting the escapade on your FACEBOOK you numbnuts!

Now with that said, I am impressed at the balls here. I mean sure, crashing a high end star party is one thing, but to get into the White House during such an event is really a crown jewel in the game of gaming people in the social engineering world. I mean, just the layers of security should be daunting with not only the Secret Service, but no doubt some of the Indian services there too there was a lot of opportunity of being caught. Not only caught, but likely stuffed in a car and taken to an interrogation room for many many hours.

But you two got away with it.. Until you decided to bone headedly put the pics on facebook. What were you thinking?

I can imagine now though what the detail on duty is going through, especially the guy who let them in at the final gate must be going through. THIS could be a career ender for the SS guy or woman who fucked the pooch here. In fact the whole team on duty could be in trouble. Lets see what the internal investigation brings shall we?

I also have to wonder what will happen to these two. I am sure some kind of charges will be proffered.

Hmmm I wonder if there will be many more gate crashers now…

“White House Party Crashers: How They Did It”

Written by Krypt3ia

2009/11/27 at 13:32