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Went to see 2012 today and have some observations:

1) Neutrino’s? Really? C’mon this is just not physically possible nor did you really explain “how” the solar burst changed the neutrinos to make them boil the core!

2) Pretty generally the theory that this movies premise is based on has been poo poo’d by the scientific community. Frankly, it makes good fodder for a fiction, but largely lacks in science.

3) Dialog is important.. Please hire better writers.

4) So, the Mayan’s had quantum mechanics and astrophysics all down eh? DANG, they could have at least left a stele with say a message saying something like “HEY WORK OUT HOW NEUTRINO’S WORK CUZ THEY ARE GONNA MELT THE EARTHS CRUST!” but Nooooooo… They leave nothing but this silly cryptic calendar!

Ok, brass tacks, I had fun with the film. Woody Harrelson was great! He reminded me of a cross between Alex Jones and every host for Coast to Coast on the AM/SW today. The SFX were good even if the premises of what they were doing were not too based in reality.

See this film in digital at a matinee showing kids…

Oh.. and one more thing. This film really made one pine for the Doctor to show up and save the day… Good thing I am downloading “The Waters Of Mars” now to sate that desire.

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2009/11/16 at 02:00

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