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60 Minutes: Sabotaging The System

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Well I guess 60 Minutes made the INFOSEC news wires burn today as they reported on something I have been saying for some time now. Who’da thunk it, but our infrastructure is vulnerable, we are constantly under attack, and generally, the US is not at all prepared for an attack that could bring down the power.

Really? NO WAY!

See folks, I am not “completely” paranoid! Take it from the FBI guy, as well as McConnel who pretty much gave up the jewels in their interviews. See, what they had to say was to be unsaid by folks I know who have been sworn to secrecy. Guess perhaps all the “detail” given was done so for a reason? Perhaps to get someone’s ass in gear to appoint a Tsar?

Who knows.

All I know is that I sat there watching this and thinking;

“Who DIDN’T know this?”

I mean really, the attacks on Rio’s infrastructure were just a prelude as you might surmise from the report. Probing has been going on for some time and the Rio systems were a soft target. Our systems are just as porous and have been infiltrated for some time. I mean what do you expect when chuckleheads start connecting SCADA to internet connected networks huh?

This report also made me think about my post in August about the EMP threat that the government seems to suddenly taken a real interest in this last year. All this time they have known about the vulnerabilities and have done nothing to remediate them. Add to this, as the veiled reporting intimated in last nights piece, that much of the hardware that runs and regulates our grid is made in China! It’s not off the shelf kind of stuff and were we to have an epic cascade and failure, it would be some time before we could get new systems from China. Time that could amount to a year at the least.

So the big question is what are we doing here? The “we” being our government. As you could see from the report, the senate told the power companies to start remediations and they outright lied to congress about their remediations. Remediations that NEVER happened.

Trust us, we’re your friendly power company!


Oh well, I guess its time for you all out there to start thinking about getting your supplies together. As McConnell said it:

“I’d do it during the winter, I’d hit the northeast”

Say, it’s almost winter…. Oh my… And we don’t have a John McClaine to save us.

60 Minutes: Sabotaging The System

EDIT: According to Wired a certain sources are saying that it was not a hacker or hackers that caused the outtage…

SAO PAULO, Brazil — A massive 2007 electrical blackout in Brazil has been newly blamed on computer hackers, but was actually the result of a utility company’s negligent maintenance of high voltage insulators on two transmission lines. That’s according to reports from government regulators and others who investigated the incident for more than a year

Wired Article

Hmmm well, all I have to say is “gee, really.. I am sure that the government of Rio would love to admit they had a power DoS by hackers” But.. it’s plausible… Kinda like a downed tree limb causing the whole of  NYC being dark…