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Karmic Koala FAIL

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So I downloaded and installed Karmic Koala on my ol’ Dell GX box and all went well, til the reboot. After the reboot the display settings would NOT go over 800×600 and the monitor type could “not be found” by the system.


So I did some Googling today and it seems many others are having the very same issue. For some reason people are not able to get out of the mobius loop of poor resolution. YAY Koala!

Well, I surmised that perhaps my problem stemmed from my KVM, so this evening I put in some more RAM, and hooked the flat screen directly to the box.

VIOLA! Suddenly I could set it to 1280!


Once back on the KVM and rebooted NO JOY, its back to 800×600.

Anyone else run into this and perhaps find a fix? Maybe I need to just hard code the make/model/rez into the Xconf? Maybe download Xorg?

Written by Krypt3ia

2009/11/06 at 00:36

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