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A response to a post about Meleanie Hain’s right to carry

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Hey, did you hear that she’s dead now? Yeah… shot and killed by a gun owned by her husband in an apparent murder-suicide.

Irony is a bitch.

My response:


I got your response to my posting about Meleanie Hain and just get that feeling you are some sort of ardent “anti-gun” individual who is using the unfortunate demise of Mrs Hain to poke a finger in my digitally opinionated eye.

My response to your little ironical and snarky comment is the following: “Meh”

Your inferred argument that the mere ownership of guns and exercising your right as a US citizen to bear arms (mind you in PA, it’s an “open carry” and the poor ruling by the judge in the Hain case was handily overturned) is the leading cause to one’s own demise is faulty at best. At worst, it is the usual claptrap mind drivel that I would expect from your lackluster logical thinking and poorly worded argument cum “naaa naaaa” response to my post.

The facts are these:

1)      She had the right to carry her legal and licensed firearm openly in the state she resided

2)      The mere act of carrying a gun never in my opinion has voided the possibility of my own or others in like circumstances, demise simply because you have one on you

3)      As in many domestic cases there were issues in the home and had they not been armed with guns they likely would have picked up carving or steak knives to kill. Anything can become a weapon in the hands of a murderous minded person

4)      This case was all about the legal system and the right to bear arms. NOT about bad bad guns. I advocate the law as it has been laid down by the US government and states. It was the abuse of such laws by a rogue judge that the story was all about

So thank you Syrene for your screed, which you have your right to have and post on my site because of a law known as the “First Amendment” This does not however preclude me my right to the First Amendment and label you a “moron”


Written by Krypt3ia

2009/10/09 at 21:24

2 Responses

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  1. I’m amazed by how much projection anti-gunners put on gun owners and our tools. By their logic, since I have a fire extinguisher in my apartment and make sure to check it every few months, I’m terrified of house fires. Or, since I keep jumper cables in my car, I’m terrified of having a run-down battery. Etc., etc.


    2009/10/09 at 22:21

  2. Just a fire extinguisher everyone could understand, but I bet you are crazy enough and so fascinated by fire that you have an extinguisher and some fire insurance. Don’t you Rob?!



    2009/10/11 at 17:36

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