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9.11.09 Eight Years Of FAIL

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I woke this morning to NPR talking about the 8th anniversary of 9/11. As I got ready for the day, I pondered just where we have gone from 8:46 am that morning of 2001 to where we are collectively today on this anniversary. Just what have we achieved? Are we any better off than we were at 8:45 am on September 11th 2001?

How about I sum it up for you all through your average grade system for school:

1) Osama Bin Laden, Ayman zawahiri, and Adam Ghadan captured and in jail?


He is happily living in Pakistan (which has been my belief since Tora Bora) and recently again posited as where the spooks think he is now.

Grade: F

Osama is still alive, he has recently put out another audio tape to prove it. Even if the tape is a splice together of his “greatest hits” so to speak, he still wins this one as we have not come even close to getting him since Tora Bora.

What the hell are we doing?

Well, we are busy playing footsies with Pakistan and the ISI that’s what. All the while the ISI has given Osama and Qaeda shelter and help while they have sat in Wazirastan or other parts of the Kush.

Osama wins there. He is still looked upon as a hero to the Jihadist masses not only for pulling off 9/11 but also for thumbing his nose at the “Great Satan” lo’ these 8 years. Of course it is also helpful to him that the Bush administrations goals seemed not to be to capture Osama, but instead attack something with real infrastructure and, dare I say it? Yes, OIL in Iraq instead of going into the rough areas that Russia failed to capture (aka Afghanistan)

I proclaim EPIC FAIL on the capture and or killing of OBL… Thanks Bushy! and all your little Neocon pals… You fuckheads.

2) Al Qaeda eradicated from the world and everyone is happy with new Democratic governments (forced upon *cough*) “seeded” by the US and the Bush administration?


Grade D –

Well, this one is loaded question really. I don’t  believe we could eradicate Al Qaeda completely, but, we could be doing a better job of hunting them down as well as integrating them into less islamofascists to moderates. That is IF we worked with the islamic states properly.

3) America’s airports, ports, cities, communications systems, and general infrastructure are secured and we are in a far better position to detect, deter, and respond to another attack?


Grade: F

This one has been one of the worst handled situations on the part of the government. Much like their response to Katrina, they have horribly failed at apropriating funds, allocating them, and effecting change for the better. Our ports still do not have the protections that they need, they still can’t even implement an ID system for all the workers as yet! Millions spent, and no working process has been put into action.

The same can be said for biological attack response, communications issues (i.e. all the problems with radios on 9/11) etc. NYC still does not have an adequate communications system for firemen and police should another 9/11 happen. Comms would be down.

Airports, good god, they are still not x-raying all of the baggage, DHS/TSA workers are still asleep at the wheel much of the time, and generally, not the sharpest marbles in the bag. I am surprised that no airline has been attacked since 9/11 here… No, really. The last plan was thwarted by intel though, so they didn’t actually get to getting on the plane… But they were still trying.

4) The people of the US are 100% behind our actions on behalf of “the people” in the med and we have sagaciously deployed our forces to eradicate the problems as well as re-build and shore up ties with the Middle East?


Grade: F

While at no time other than perhaps 9/12/01 could I think we could have 100% approval on our actions, I do think that we could have done much better than what we got. G’Dub really screwed the pooch on this one.. Which leads to the allocation of assets.

Going into Iraq was a mistake. No, more than that, it was an outright wag the dog action. Meanwhile we let OBL run off into the hills because we did not put our troops into Afghanistan even before we went into Iraq. So, we screwed the pooch utterly and we are now reaping the whirlwind in Pakistan and Afghanistan as a consequence of ineptitude.

I guess overall though OBL and Ayman have won. No, really, they did. Their goal was not only to scare us, destroy a landmark, and put us into the culture of fear. They also wanted to ruin us financially. They saw where we are vulnerable and hit that spot. Wall Street was a hot target and we are now dealing with the fallout of not only that attack, but our own greed and sloth.

So here we sit today.. Many not really paying attention to this day of rememberence. All too wrapped up in their lives of commerce, too many just go about their day without thinking on the lessons of 9/11.

My big lesson?

We as a species are unable to learn.

Written by Krypt3ia

2009/09/11 at 17:15

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