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Inglourious Basterds

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Inglorious Basterds is, well, “Glorious”  I don’t say this easily mind you, after all, this is a Tarantino film. However, I found myself liking the pace, cinematography, and story line of this film. What’s more, I also found the film kind of cathartic in a twisted “killing Nazi’s” way.

I also have to say that Quentin’s choice of the Bowie “Cat People” song “Putting Out A Fire” an inspired one that was all the more powerful with the color schemes and imagery used. He also did a fine job at painting the Nazi party and those in the inner circle as completely without humanity.

A shame really that all these guys weren’t in one place at any time where a plan like this could have been carried out…

“Nazi’s… I hate these guys”

Go see it.

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2009/09/06 at 20:17

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