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Twitter As Command and Control for BotNETS

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Hackers Use Twitter to Control Botnet

Hackers are now using Twitter to send coded update messages to computers they’ve previously infected with rogue code, according to a report from net-monitoring firm Arbor Networks.

This looks to be the first reported case of hackers using the popular micro-messaging company to control botnets, which are assemblages of infected PCs that can be directed to spy on their users, send spam, or attack web sites with fake traffic.

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Hell of an idea to use the RSS feed from 140 character postings to command and control botnets. I have seen some of these coded posts before and wondered what they were up to. Anyway, now lets look forward from here.. How about the idea of using the RSS feeds of common and popular blogs and such in the same way? Perhaps embedding code within the sites themselves either in the html or even the text?

How about a little steganography to have that C&C channel…. It would be harder to detect no?


Written by Krypt3ia

2009/08/14 at 12:21