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Star Trek 90210

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Well, I have seen the film twice and have to admit, it is classic “Trek” in many ways, however it gives the franchise new life! The two hours veritably flew by as I sat and zoomed along with the new cast and new ship. So, all in all, its a big win for Paramount I think and ST as a series.

Now, on to the fan at heart here. See, I was born on the day ST aired on tv. I turned 25 and 30 with Star Trek and I have to say to all those hard core “nerds” out there complaining: “Watch the above video” Enough said.

Sure, its different in some ways, but in others it’s the same thing! I mean, hell, this was basically Khan part III from a scripting perspective kids! Get over it! This reboot changes the paradigm in an very neat way. Time travel and alternate realities now make for a completely new take on this show! I LOVE that idea!

Added bonus? NO SYBOK in this alternate universe! YEEHA! Now that movie WAS a travesty!

Go see this film..

Written by Krypt3ia

2009/05/10 at 12:49

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  1. Crabby, they took the youtube down. Try hulu:


    2009/05/10 at 13:19

  2. Try again…


    2009/05/10 at 13:31

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