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Hmmm DHS, I really think they are not in the game anymore…

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DHS Recruiting Ethical Hackers

DHS Seal

News, yesterday, of significant recruiting efforts being brought to bear by the United States Department of Homeland Security. This time, they are on the prowl of ethical hackers to join the Department’s ranks. More information, including a snippet of the original article appears after the jump.

From The Register’s John Leyden: “DHS hunts for white-hat hackers

“The Department of Homeland Security is looking to recruit white-hat hackers to help defend the US’s critical internet infrastructure…” “An ad by General Dynamics Information Technology on behalf of of the DHS seeks applicants who can “think like the bad guy”, understand hacking tools and tactics, analyse net traffic and identify vulnerabilities in federal systems. In a budget request, Defense Secretary Robert Gates requested funds to increase the number of experts it trained each year from 80 to 250 by 2011…”

Gee, last I checked DHS Sucked ass at Cybersec AND the Obama Administration was considering moving all of the issues to a new “autonomous” cyber security agency to be named later.

I wouldn’t take a job at DHS anyway… So far they have not been so swift and I am sure will continue to be mired in “stupid”

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