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Put NSA in Charge of Cyber Security, Or the Power Grid Gets It

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I have been on the inside of power networks and what has been said above is true, they are/were lax in their security measures as well as their tech saavy.

So, from direct experience, I can say that yes, SCADA has been connected to the internet by “accident” Yes, they tend to be (power/water etc) soft targets, and yes, I have seen incursions before into those systems.

Now, as to motivations of China Russia.. Uhh anyone who says anything to the affect that it would not be in their own interest to have this capability nor use it have their heads in the sand. No matter the amount of money we owe them, dominance of state on their part over rules their debt issues with the U.S. As for the Bear, she is back and has ramped up their efforts since Putin came to power.

On the conveniece issue for the NSA and all this talk about compromise without any real verification. I think that I already have answered the quetion a bit as I believe there have been incursions by state actors. However, it is to their advantage isn’t it to put out potential “disinformation” to sway the vote on who should be running the show. So, yes, it is quite possible that there are ulterior motives to this leak of “information”

In all though, at the very least perhaps some attention will be paid to the problem at hand and remedy the security situation that we have… No? Threat Level response by me on the “Put NSA in Charge of Cyber Security, Or the Power Grid Gets It”

I think the conspiracy nuts are coming out of the woodwork…

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2009/04/09 at 15:21