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It’s as though a cabal of future geneticists have taken the best parts of James Brown, Kate Bush, David Byrne, and Michael Jackson (with the hair of Grace Jones) to create Janelle Monae. I have not been so fascinated or jazzed about a musical artist in a LONG LONG time!


I happened upon this article on Studio 360 about her performance at SXSW and man, I just had to go look at her site. The angst of her particular idiom really speaks to the times. On the cusp of future technologies with such epic problems philosophically as well as on the human condition as a whole.


I predict you will be seeing much more of this woman and her tight band.

Check it out.

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2009/03/28 at 13:00

BSG Finale

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Well, the end has come and I, who kinda got tired after season 2, decided to watch the finale last night. Ultmately, I was somewhat unimpressed with the end. Really, we as SCIFI watchers are going to get all teary eyed and choked about how “we” as species are put through a giant repetitive rats maze by some “God” ?? Really? THAT is the end? THAT is the penultimate meaning to our existance?

Perhaps its that I am a rationalist at heart when it comes to most things. Perhaps its because I feel that they started this crazy journey with some novel ideas, but they were only 1/4 baked and they had to come up with “an end” but geez, really, could we please get off the whole “God moves in mysterious ways” claptrap? Sure, there is some self destiny here, but, in the last quotes from Six and Baltar, it gives a faint hint that we have no real destiny of our own and that “God” is just a slightly better scientist than Jerry Lewis.

Maybe this is why I really just walked away in season 2 of this thing. It’s the whole “God” and theology angle that I despise. How about instead we deal with our own shit because we made it instead of us having a divine hand involved huh? Might that actually be more “Science” than a channel called “SCIFI” can handle?

I also kind of feel that this series ripped off the original idea that was later to be so poorly played out by “The Matrix” The ideas of philosophy and reality all became more theology and giant explosions in that trilogy of films. In the end, it was the same damn thing with the oracle looking on a bright new day in the Matrix wondering if; “This time the experiment would play out differently”

Tired… Just tired.


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2009/03/28 at 12:10

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