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The CISSP Kobayashi Maru

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So, today I finally became an “official” CISSP much to my surprise. You see, I took the test a year ago and had thought I was a CISSP, but, I guess I was in name only until today. Oddly enough, I had to pass the final “Kobayashi Maru” of CISSP-ness that this entry will tell.

It seems that when I passed the test back a while ago, I was randomly selected to be “audited”, perhaps like a Scientologist might? Who knows, in any event, I found out recently that I had to provide my resume and other data so they could look it up and say “ok you’re a CISSP”

I diligently provided ISC with the data and made sure my endorser had all his documents in and I thought it was all over. Little did I know I would get an email/call that would stun me.

ISC: “Sir, we need your SSN to get your employment history with IBM”

Me: “Uhh what? You want my SSN? No, I am afraid not. If IBM needs this then they should contact me directly, here’s my number. If my employee ID would suffice, here it is”

Say what? ISC wants me to provide my SSN to them to give to IBM (maybe) to get my records that should not require an SSN? It gets worse though, it was not even IBM, but a third party company that holds the records now that IBM outsourced!! So yeah, they wanted my SSN to be passed through two parties to prove I worked at IBM.. So much for phone call to HR huh?

Insult to injury, this is ISC, the group CERTIFYING security professionals asking for my SSN like this!

This only leads me to further believe that ISC/CISSP is just a ponzi scheme.


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2009/03/27 at 02:41


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From “Military Power of the People’s Republic of China (PRC)”

In April 2008, the computer networks at India’s Ministry of External Affairs was attacked by Chinese hackers, and in May 2008 Belgium’s government was attacked by Chinese hackers.

Also in May 2008, suspected Chinese agents secretly copied contents of a U.S. Government laptop during a visit to China by the U.S. commerce secretary and used the information to try to penetrate into Commerce computers.

Computer attacks are one element of what Chinese military theorists call integrated network electronic warfare, to include electronic disrupters and kinetic strikes on enemy infrastructures.

China’s military is aggressively seeking U.S. weapons technology both legally and illegally. U.S. intelligence officials say China’s technology acquisition is a growing threat to national security.

“This year’s DoD China military power report should be required reading for those proposing major U.S. military reductions like ending production of the F-22A fifth generation fighter, reducing U.S. carrier battle groups and unilaterally disarming future U.S. space warfare and robust missile defense capabilities”

Just a heads up.. Our Chinese Overlords are REALLY putting some effort into these things. Time we paid attention. Now add to this the fact they they are being encouraged to buy more of our debt.. I see a perfect storm here.. Anyone else?

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2009/03/27 at 01:19

The Great Schlep

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It’s… Oh, what day five of the “Great Schlep” and we are finally getting the living space in the new house feeling like a “living space” Who would have thought that a two bedroom apartment could contain SO MUCH CRAP! Ok, not really crap, but “stuff” as George Carlin would put it. Of course he was right, you need a bigger place for all your stuff!

Tonight we got the cable back online so its all good.

Final move day is Sunday.. I hope… We have til Tuesday to be out though.

In other news…

I keep waking up at 2:45-3:00am on the dot. I don’t know why I keep waking up at this time. Once was the CO detector as I already posted, but what is it that is waking me? The cat maybe? I am feeling better though about the “spectral visitor” thing. So far nothing has happened to lead me to believe that something is up. Still though, I decided last night to NOT watch “Ghost Hunters” because inevitably I would have had nightmares again about the “visit” with the previous owner.

Overall, I don’t wish to move again for a long time to come! Next comes the unpacking after Sunday’s final big move of furniture.

Yay… God I am old.

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2009/03/27 at 00:02

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