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Finally the Senate does something smart!

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“The Obama administration has an adviser on energy and climate change, and that’s good and important,” Lewis said, “but we’re still in the mode that cyber is less important.”

While the bill is still in draft form and thereby subject to change, it would put the White House National Cybersecurity Advisor in charge of coordinating cyber efforts within the intelligence community and within civilian agencies, as well as coordinating the public sector’s cooperation with the private sector. The adviser would have the authority to disconnect from the Internet any federal infrastructure networks–or other networks deemed to be “critical”–if found to be at risk of a cyberattack.

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FINALLY! Jay Rockefeller has proposed some serious legislation on cyber security for this nation. I am happy to see this bill and I do hope that the Senate passes it. I don’t care who won’t like it because of turf battles, and I certainly don’t care who’s feelings are hurt at DHS by this being taken from them. Boo Hoo.

I have been advocating much the same as this bill’s requirements for the benefit of the nation because at present, the institutions that have been put in place are a failure. Cyber security has been the red headed stepchild too long. With the implementation of the “Smart Grid” and other things, the likelihood that the nation will be even more at rick from cyber attacks is more prescient.


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2009/03/22 at 10:51