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Eddie Doyle, the soul of Bull and Finch laid off…

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Bartender who inspired TV show ‘Cheers’ is laid off

Eddie Doyle, the perpetually smiling bartender from the Boston watering hole that inspired the TV sitcom “Cheers,” has been laid off after nearly 35 years, The Boston Globe reports.

Doyle, a fixture at the Beacon Hill bar named Cheers, tells the Globe he’s not bitter, he’s just the “casualty of the economic situation that we’re in.”

Doyle was a celebrity in his own right who helped raise more than $1 million for Boston charities, the newspaper says. “He’s as important as George Washington to this city; he’s that well known,” said former Boston mayor Raymond Flynn.

The newspaper quotes bar owner Tom Kershaw as saying he had no choice but to let Doyle go.

“Business is way off,” he told the Globe. “It was very tough. Personally, for me, it was a disaster. Eddie and I have been friends for 40 years.”

WTF? You let the one guy go who really embodies the bar and was the spark that created Cheers! What are you thinking Tom (Kershaw) ! Look, I used to go to your bar before it became “Cheers” and Eddie has always been a fixture there. Just now because the bar is synonymous with the show and a name unto its own you are going to let go of the spark that created that ambiance? C’mon man! You have quite the marketing thing going on with all the cheers T-shirts, hoodies, etc. You have at least two sites in Boston and you have to lay this guy off?

Sure, you are giving him the rest of the year paid, sure he is 66, but, I am also sure that he LOVES HIS JOB and you are killing that!

Shame on you Tom!

Eddie, I am sure “The Sevens or maybe Roisin Drubh” would LOVE to hire you on! C’mon Boston!

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2009/03/15 at 14:12