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Modern Seppuku

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A suicide technique that mixes household chemicals to produce a deadly hydrogen sulfide gas became a grisly fad in Japan last year. Now it’s slowly seeping into the United States over the internet, according to emergency workers, who are alarmed at the potential for innocent causalities.

At least 500 Japanese men, women and children took their lives in the first half of 2008 by following instructions posted on Japanese websites, which describe how to mix bath sulfur with toilet bowl cleaner to create a poisonous gas. One site includes an application to calculate the correct portions of each ingredient based on room volume, along with a PDF download of a ready-made warning sign to alert neighbors and emergency workers to the deadly hazard.

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Well, it seems that the Hikiko Mori, Lost Decade, and a general depression in Japan has given those who wish to commit suicide a new method. Now it seems to have made it to the US also. Of course as our country and global economy melts like a thermonuclear Chernobyl, expect to see more of this I think…

Last month we shed 700K jobs…

Layoffs are still coming…


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Art Imitating Movies?

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Leonardo Notarbartolo strolls into the prison visiting room trailing a guard as if the guy were his personal assistant. The other convicts in this eastern Belgian prison turn to look. Notarbartolo nods and smiles faintly, the laugh lines crinkling around his blue eyes. Though he’s an inmate and wears the requisite white prisoner jacket, Notarbartolo radiates a sunny Italian charm. A silver Rolex peeks out from under his cuff, and a vertical strip of white soul patch drops down from his lower lip like an exclamation mark.

In February 2003, Notarbartolo was arrested for heading a ring of Italian thieves. They were accused of breaking into a vault two floors beneath the Antwerp Diamond Center and making off with at least $100 million worth of loose diamonds, gold, jewelry, and other spoils. The vault was thought to be impenetrable. It was protected by 10 layers of security, including infrared heat detectors, Doppler radar, a magnetic field, a seismic sensor, and a lock with 100 million possible combinations. The robbery was called the heist of the century, and even now the police can’t explain exactly how it was done.

The loot was never found, but based on circumstantial evidence, Notarbartolo was sentenced to 10 years. He has always denied having anything to do with the crime and has refused to discuss his case with journalists, preferring to remain silent for the past six years.

Until now.

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Wired has just published a story on the web that it plans on publishing in their next paper edition on the “Antwerp Diamond Heist” of 2003. I write the title of “Art Imitating Movies” because this story reads much like the script for a “heist” film on par with The “Oceans” series of movies or “The Italian Job” *side note, I am listening to both scores as I read and write about this article**

This heist story brings in all the big plot lines that these films usually have. A group of con artists, technicians, and thugs, an impenitrable vault, and an elusive and as yet un-named mastermind with the funds and the connections to make it happen. Hell, they even had a scale model of the vault just like the movies!

The question is though; “Do we believe this story at all, in part or just a little?”

I for one believe the technical details as they can be seen in the crime scene photos as well as the police reports. Such things as how they defeated the light/heat sensor in the vault with a can of hair spray is a classic hack that has been done. Or perhaps the use of the polystyrene shield to prevent the heat sensor on the exterior from going off by “The Genius”

The working out of the code by watching a video taken by secreted cameras is a bit harder to conceive working, but, it could be done. Even the bypass of the internal electrical pulse and the electromagnetic plates was sheer simple genius that obviously the designers never thought low tech enough to discover their weakness.

Classic.. and well done gentlemen.

Now, how the story played out by the tale told by Leonardo Notabartolo has some interesting twists. The real truth of what happened to the “merch” may never be down. Diamonds are all too easy to traffic, cut, sell, disperse, that they are likely already in your friend “Tom’s” diamond engagement ring he got over at the mall for all we know.

The idea that these guys were played and played so handily really is the thing that trips alarms for me. The article contends that the face man (Notarbartolo), a known Mafia connected guy, who had been a thief since 8 years old, could be so easily duped just doesn’t play. Leonardo’s been around the block, he is no fool, but you are supposed to believe that he would go into a gig like this so trusting of his benefactor/facilitator?

I agree though, what a short con this would make! Imagine carrying off a con where you pocket 100 million in diamonds all the while you have used a talented crew of thieves to do your dirty work. Staggering really, yet so so elegant in play. This too also implies a very large conspiracy by the merchants at that facility. All of them would have to be on board for this to work. Keeping all their diamonds in their personal vaults, somehow shifting them to secure locations instead of being in the vault. Of course they have dirty dealings on a daily basis there no? Not inconceivable.

Overall, this story I think has yet to really play out. How it wil I cannot say…What can I say though… I admire their escapade.. Well sans the pound me in the ass prison part.

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Is there no one who isn’t crooked in Washington?

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Two Charged After FBI Raids Former Office of Obama’s Pick for Information Officer

The investigation was related to allegations of corruption, one source said, but is not targeting Vivek Kundra.

A District of Columbia employee and a technology consultant were charged with corruption counts Thursday after FBI agents raided the former office of the man tapped to be President Obama’s chief information officer.

The White House said it was notified in advance of the search at the office of Vivek Kundra, who was formerly the D.C. technology officer. While the raid was happening at his old office, Kundra was giving a speech elsewhere on his new goals for government contracting.

Kundra was not a target of the investigation, a source told FOX News.

But Yusuf Acar, a city technology worker who worked under Kundra, was charged. He was ordered held without bond pending a hearing Tuesday. Prosecutors said $70,000 in cash was found during a search of Acar’s home. Technology consultant Sushil Bansal was released but was ordered not to engage in overseas financial transactions. Bansal is due back in court on April 21.

The White House chief information officer is responsible for overseeing federal technology spending.

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Darth Cheney heads up Covert Assassination Operation

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Well, isn’t this an interesting twist in the history of “Bush Years”? Now, is it inconceivable? Not at all, in fact I believe that no one has actually taken assassination off the table since the EO that Ford put in. We have had a long history of being draped in the flag and wearing the “white hat” whilst outright whacking other countries problem children.

Lets see.. Chile, Argentina, Iran.. Shall I go on?

So yes, this is more blatant in some ways, as Darth Cheney has been, but in other ways they are only the ones since Nixon to actually be “caught” with their hand in the poison cookie jar so to speak. So back to the plausibility factor here…

Lets see.. Did Cheney do anything else akin to this that might lead us to believe he is capable?

“Gee.. Hmmm.. How about the WHIG, the YellowCake incident, and the outing of Valerie Plame?”

Oh.. Yeah… I guess that could qualify… But it seems that ol Darth had really expanded the program. I wonder if there was a master hit list somewhere? I am looking forward to Sy outing this one! I have to wonder though, will anything come of this revelation?

I don’t think so.

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These guys were on a Sherman’s march with “OUR” 401K’s

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Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer: The Extended Daily Show Interview

John you are THE MAN!

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While watching House on USA a commercial for this came on.. First thought… Umbrella is here Uncanny that the product is a “Re-Generation” product for skin…

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It’s high time that the United States drew a line around its networks and pledged to defend its interests in cyberspace.

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Recently, Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, briefed President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton on what he termed “massive losses”. Although the details are classified, they include recent losses of intellectual property with military applications from an aerospace contractor as well as satellite and submarine technology. Other private sector losses include sensitive corporate and financial information which is often discovered on foreign computers by the intelligence community.

Illustrating the private sector security situation is challenging due in part to underreporting and non-detection, however it is clear that sensitive information is pouring into data black markets and into the hands of organized criminals. The Computer Security Institute (CSI) published the results of a 2008 survey of agencies, organizations, institutions, and private sector firms. CSI found that 49 percent of respondents reported virus activity on their networks, 44 percent reported insider abuse, 42 percent reported laptop or mobile device theft, and 29 percent reported unauthorized access. Instances of financial fraud, which were reported by 12 percent of respondents, cost an average of $500,000 each and especially hurt the financial sector.

Full article HERE

Meanwhile EVERYONE seems to be saying the same thing to the new administration:

Potential cyber attacks against federal and private-sector networks loom larger every day and while the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has made some important efforts, it has yet to fulfill many of the myriad responsibilities placed on it by the national cybersecurity plan.

Full article HERE

In other words, “WE’RE FUCKED SO FIX IT!” no more of the same old BS please Mr. Hope!

Yes, indeed that would be nice if the government finally got some shit straight huh? Well, I have news for all of Washington. No matter how nicely they say it, we are fucked UNLESS something is really done about this situation. Sure, I have been saying this all along, and in rather salty language… But, I am right!

We are losing the battle kids… Losing BADLY.

Another way of saying it was the following:

It’s high time that the United States drew a line around its networks and pledged to defend its interests in cyberspace.

Full story HERE

Just how many ways does it have to be said in order for some substantive action to happen? Ya know, the good kind? Not the “Hey, we are proposing a bill that you *the home user* have to keep 2 years of logs on your home router to save the children from kiddie porn!” kind of BS of late. How about some real legislation, laws, and oversight that MAKE companies as well as the government actually perform “DUE DILIGENCE” on cyber security?

WHOA big fella!

Here’s to HOPE we can dare to have. I will believe it when I see it.