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An Evening With Kevin Smith: NJ 2009

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A while back we got some tickets to the NJ show of “An Evening With Kevin Smith” and the time finally came yesterday night. We began the day by driving down to NJ from CT and made a leisurely line to “Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash” where I found a nice signed copy of “Green Arrow: Quiver” for a very nice price. Evidently Kevin had been at the store just before we arrived dammit and signed a buch of stuff.

After seeing the wonders at the “Secret Stash” we then headed off to Baumgart’s, a Chinese, Japanese, and 50’s Ice Cream parlor. I had the sushi but certainly could not have any ice cream because I was just too full. Quite the experience though. As luck would have it too, we could just walk to the theatre where we were seated in tiny tiny seats.

The night progressed with Kevin starting the show at 8pm by telling an  uproarious story of how he broke a toilet at the second “Stash” locale in LA that closed. I haven’t laughed so much in quite a while and the show went on from there to be very informative as to Kevin’s mind and ramblings, but also how Hollywood works as well as the travails of Jason Mewes drug addiction and getting clean.

However, by midnight even I could take no more of the seats and the heat in the theatre. Kevin though was STILL going strong and the line to ask questions did not seem to have diminished. Reluctantly we had to go and head home on the 2+ hour drive.

Hey Kevin… If you do the show in Hartford again lemme know… I will stay this time til you walk off stage if I don’t have to drive a couple hours to get home.

Written by Krypt3ia

2009/02/23 at 01:49

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  1. The whole opening fecalcade was funny at first, but then I was just begging for it to end. I can only take so much toilet humor …

    Listening to stoners ask questions, now THAT was priceless!!


    2009/02/24 at 00:13

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