(Greek: κρυπτεία / krupteía, from κρυπτός / kruptós, “hidden, secret things”)

Suicide Club: Just Whack.. But I think I am understanding the Japanese youth mind more…

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Little kids, chicks, half naked teen girls, and a wood planer! Only the Japanese could come up with this!

Little kids, chicks, half naked teen girls, and a wood planer! Only the Japanese could come up with this!

So I decided to look up “Suicide Club” on You tube today and what do you know, it was up there in ten minute chunks to watch. After the film was all said and done (with some missing time as I think the content was too “out there”) I found myself rather intrigued, confused, and grossed out, but in a silly bad horror way.

Plot Line:

54 Japanese “Hyper super cute” school girls (ya know the kind you see in anime and manga) clasp hands together in a line at Shinjuku station and leap in front of an oncoming train.. *SPLAT* Heads and limbs everywhere. Soon after kids start to off themselves in various greusome ways and the cops have no idea what the hell is going on, except they hear the term “Suicide Club”

Interspersed with this are images of another “super cute” group of pre teen “backstreet girls” who sing a song about.. Well, emailing them? I guess. Anyway, they seem to be involved somehow subliminally.. Long story short, an Otaku hacker girl kinda figures things out, mayhem ensues, and, well more suicides… Need I say more?

Whoa… If it were bloodier I would have to be wearing a plastic garbage bag like at a Gallagher stand up routine! Anyway, I digress…

Mostly though, I think I started to get on the trail more of the Hikikko Mori mindset as well as perhaps the Otaku in watching this film. Sure, it was silly and really, even without the time gap, confusing trying to make out just what the hell was going on. This is especially true of the whole scene involving the “girl band” and the underground lair with the removal of skin with a wood plane. *Ick! Ouch!* Of course that belies the whole issue of the “Skin Rolls” being sent to the cops…

*ugh just had a bad salmon skin sushi roll image in my head!*

It was just kinda arbitrary and, well of course creeptastic in a sadistic sexual way that the Japanese have really mastered. Mmm yeah…

The hardest thing to wrap my head around was the whole thing where the kids have this Q&A session with the Otaku Hacker:

little kid: “Are you connected with yourself?”

little girl: “Are you severed from yourself?”

little girl 3: “Did you come to repair your connection?”

What the…? Are they really phone repair kids or what? I am kinda lost there in the scheme of things at first. Then I begin to think about my Zen teachings and think perhaps they are talking about “one-ness” Maybe? They go on about being severed or not severed after death and its there that the bread crumbs end.. One of those damn Myazaki anime birds must have ate em…

In the end I was left thinking;

“Whoa, that’s just fucked up”

I mean, no one but NO ONE does evil creepy scary kids like Japan! Add to this the whole suicide issue going on there and man I am not surprised to hear that people just take a ride out to Aoikigohara and disappear.

Oh well… You watch and decide yourselves..


Written by Krypt3ia

2009/02/14 at 23:37

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