(Greek: κρυπτεία / krupteía, from κρυπτός / kruptós, “hidden, secret things”)

“Zerstorung durch Fortschritte der Technologie”

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Fringe is coming along nicely now and Tuesday’s cliff hanger really grabbed me and dragged me in deeper. The ZFT manuscript alone has me fascinated to think that maybe someone has actually put one out there on the intertubes. I would love to come across and read such a document. You hear that Fox and your Fox advertising folks? Please just drop a pdf copy out there on some stealth site ok?

An alternative to that is me actually writing one myself and putting it out there to drive the people mad… But I digress…

The whole plot lines involving Walter’s time machine cum teleport device and the alternative worlds was only enhanced by the ending scene above where Walter Bishop… Or perhaps William Bell? Discovers that he may have indeed written the manifesto.

I predict some cool shit coming in April when this series returns…

Written by Krypt3ia

2009/02/13 at 02:48

Posted in Fringe, Tv

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  1. or may even be the burned lab assistant who have written this ‘bibble’ of horror


    2009/02/18 at 15:16

  2. Very true.. I hadn’t thought of that one.


    2009/02/18 at 22:41

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