(Greek: κρυπτεία / krupteía, from κρυπτός / kruptós, “hidden, secret things”)

Obama Cyber Initiatives

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Cyber experts have been warning for years that America is the number one target for cyber attacks, and US intelligence has tracked a massive spike in attacks in recent years. China is responsible for many of the millions of cyber probes that happen every day, and the Beijing government is believed to have set up a special division of the People’s Liberation Army with responsibility for all things cyber. By contrast, the US response is fragmented, lacks any effective leadership and has no coherent strategy.

The Obama administration needs to strengthen US cyber-defences
Ok, well Big O’ so far from what I have heard of your “mandates” on cybersec… I have no confidence in them. Key escrow? Really? You’re shitting me right? What’s next clipper chips?
No… Just fucking no.

Written by Krypt3ia

2009/02/04 at 00:16

Posted in .gov, Cyber, Hacking, Infosec

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