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What you didn’t hear about in the news… At least I didn’t

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Washington Regional Threat and Analysis Center
Daily Summary, #2009-036
Friday, 16 January 2009



9 December 2008 Discovery of Radiological Dispersal DeviceComponents, Literature, and Radioactive Material at the Maine Residence of an Identified Deceased US Person

On 9 December 2008, radiological dispersal device components and literature, and radioactive materials, were
discovered at the Maine residence of an identified deceased USPER James Cummings. Cummings had possible
ties to white supremacist groups.

On 9 December 2008, four one-gallon containers of 35 percent hydrogen peroxide, lithium metal, thermite,
aluminum powder, beryllium, boron, black iron oxide, and magnesium ribbon were discovered at the
Cummings’ residence. (FBI comments: Literature on constructing ‘dirty bombs’; information referring to
cesium-137, strontium-90, and cobalt-60; and possible evidence linking James Cummings to white
supremacist groups were also discovered.)

(Source comments: Amber Cummings admitted to the shooting death of her husband James Cummings
citing years of mental, physical, and sexual abuse. Amber Cummings retained legal counsel upon being
questioned by law enforcement about any involvement with white supremacists. James Cummings was reported
to have inherited two million dollars and to have resided in multiple states prior to relocating to Maine.)

Amber Cummings indicated James was very upset with Barack Obama being elected President. She
indicated James had been in contact with ‘white supremacist group(s)’. Amber also indicated James mixed
chemicals in the kitchen sink at their residence and had mentioned ‘dirty bombs’. (Source comment: State
authorities detected radiation emissions in four small jars in the residence labeled ‘uranium metal’, as well as
one jar labeled ‘thorium.’ The four jars of uranium carried the label of an identified US company.)

FBI comment: Further preliminary analysis on 30 December 2008 indicated an unlabeled jar to be a second jar of
thorium. Each bottle of uranium contained depleted uranium 238. Analysis also indicated the two jars of
thorium held thorium 232.

An application for membership in the National Socialist Movement, which had been completed by James
Cummings was discovered.

FBI comments: Uranium, thorium, cesium-137, strontium-90, and cobalt-60 are radioactive isotopes. 35 percent hydrogen peroxide is a necessary precursor for the manufacture of peroxide-based explosives. Lithium metal, thermite, and aluminum are materials used to sensitize and amplify the effects of explosives. The identified US Company in this report sold the depleted uranium online.

Source: FBI IIR 4 218 1563 09

Found with Google while performing some Google hacking. Now, has anyone else heard about this in the media? I Googled some of the key names etc and did not come up with anything from any of the mainstream media.

Just thought you all might like to know…

Written by Krypt3ia

2009/01/28 at 00:47

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  1. Great gives meaning to the term “Maineiac” Saw nothing in news here. enjoy pjc

    Peter J. Crowley

    2009/01/28 at 17:59

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