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Loose Nukes

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Exclusive: How Secure are Nukes in the U.S.?

In 2005, ABC released a documentary titled, Loose Nukes: Inadequate Security Matters. The documentary focused on the less than adequate security at many U.S. universities that have nuclear research facilities. Flash forward to 2009: are those university facilities now secure? Are the nuclear weapons stored on our U.S. military bases secure? Could a terrorist organization penetrate the facilities? If so, how?

For several years I was assigned as the “Chief Special Agent” assigned to the protection of our country’s most secret weapons and their technology. Americans have a false sense of security when it comes to the protection they believe our nuclear weapons have. No one wants to believe the weapons programs could be penetrated. Our administration would say the nuclear weapons are so secure that no one could gain entry into one of the facilities. Our Generals would insist this is true. I say this is false and that we are underestimating the patience and creativity of Islamic terrorist organizations. During my field research of hundreds of Islamic Centers, discussions with Islamic leaders, and my extensive research into the “mindset” of Islamic terrorists, I provide here a likely scenario of how the nuclear facilities could currently be infiltrated.

Islamic terrorists and their supporters are very, very patient. They do not define their milestones to reaching an objective necessarily in time periods of days, month, or even a few years. It is not uncommon for a single terror event to be planned for many years, and the plan not to be completed even during the lifetime of the terrorists who are planning the attack or infiltration.
Today, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Palestine, Iran, and a host of other countries have citizens who were trained by Jihadist terror camps. The individuals have been sent to the U.S. to begin a slow and patient process of assimilating into our communities. The individuals have obtained positions within every industry within America. There are physicians, engineers, plumbers, carpenters, laboratory technicians, and politicians who have been trained in the ideology of Islamic Jihadists.  They hold positions of trust within all levels of the private and government sectors; to include our military and our law enforcement.

Too often people think of nuclear facilities being attacked by what they see Hollywood producers displaying on our screens. The imagination goes wild by seeing terrorists donned in black clothing, an AK-47, and a belt load of hand grenades. The terrorists then drive up in a truck and crash through the gates of a secure facility. The “bad guys,” of course, are then destroyed by the “good guys” and our nuclear technology and weapons are again safe. The sad thing is the same movies “average” Americans watch are the same ones many of our politicians watch and believe.

Great Hollywood films are exciting to watch, but in reality, the methodical process of infiltrating a nuclear facility is time consuming and boring. The terrorists are counting on this. Americans lose patience easy and look at world events in a Hollywood fashion. They want to be entertained. This is not to say Americans want a terrorist attack, but how many Americans were glued to their television sets on 9/11 and for weeks afterwards? Most (to include our law enforcement) believed the Islamic terrorists would attack again the next day, week, month, or year. Since this did not happen, Americans again feel secure. Americans do not understand the mindset of their enemy (Islamic Jihadists). They will again attack, but when they desire – and not when we expect them to.

In reality, Islamic Jihadists have been trained to attack from within. It may take years for a terrorist to gain a position and/or gain the trust of people working in a nuclear facility. On the other hand, it may take only a few minutes to obtain access. In America we have many sensitive positions on U.S. installations and universities held by non-U.S. citizens. Our military bases have numerous scientists who were trained in Saudi Arabia and Iran who have virtual free rein on our bases which have nuclear weapons and/or other advanced technology. It is much easier for Saudi Arabia to send a scientist to visit our weapons research facilities (such as the Air Force Research Laboratory, Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico) than it is for a U.S. citizen to visit our installations simply to meet the troops on a base.

The following statements are from an Islamic Jihadist manual obtained in Falls Church, Virginia. The manual can be found in many Islamic Centers throughout the U.S.:

  1. “War is a deception. A war is actually won through artfulness and wise and judicious actions. If one side has more weapons and means than the other side, but does not know the tricks of war and the ways of entrapping the enemy, it will lose the war despite its material superiority”.
  2. “Personal qualities required for fighters on the Islamic front. PATIENCE. The first quality that has been stressed is that of patience, without which no struggle can be waged for any cause”.
How difficult would it be for a team of trained professionals, who think like the Islamic terrorists do, to conduct a test infiltration of a university facility? The team would succeed in 10 of 10 tests.

My counterterrorism research team is comprised of former federal agents who held the nations top level secrets, former al Qaeda members, former Iraqi police officers under Saddam Hussein, and researchers who have infiltrated (legally) some of the leading Islamic organizations in the U.S. The results: Our nation faces a crisis and only a handful of individuals know how to detect, monitor, and diffuse the threat. Our organization needs funding from private individuals, corporations, in order for our team to continue providing the intelligence to concerned politicians and law enforcement officials.

Let me add to the mix here and also say that right now you should be reading “The Inheritance” It’s all about the issues that confront the US and the new president post the last administration. One of those issues is the possibility and probability of a loose nuke being procured by terrorists and used against us.

When you think of this think on Pakistan. Pakistan has about 100 warheads in a black box. We have given Pakistan about 100 million in cash to bolster their security for the warheads but have no idea how the security is. You see, Pakistan is afraid to show us their security. As well, the Pakistani’s are worried that if we were to see the measures, that we would swoop in (which we might anyway in a situation) and secure/steal them from the country.

Now, on the whole issue of loose nuclear materials here…Well, nothing much has changed I am sure… So, yeah, we aren’t very safe are we?

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2009/01/27 at 01:59

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