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Your Word Is Who You Are

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Hey Big O… See that scene above? Yeah, well given that you already have sided with the previous admin on “Stellar Wind” I am at this very moment giving you the benefit of the doubt. I am hoping that you will re-tool the warrantless part to conform to the laws of the land and yet keep the facilities needed to perform the SIGINT against enemies of the state and the people.

Just remember, you, like Jack, made an oath to the constitution and the people.

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2009/01/24 at 02:58

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So, where is our Batman?

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Two children and a woman have been stabbed to death at a creche in Belgium.

Forensic police at Belgium creche

Forensic police take away a bloodied garment at the creche

The attack happened at a childcare centre near Dendermonde, north-west of the capital Brussels.

Earlier reports said a third child had died of their wounds – but Belgian officials confirmed the deaths of two children, both aged under three, and a woman, who worked at the centre.

At least 12 others were injured in the attack.

All were in a stable condition following surgery, according to Dr Ignace Demeyer, head of emergency services at Our Lady Hospital in nearby Aalst.

“This was a particularly violent attack. All the kids had multiple stab wounds on their legs, arms and all over their bodies,” he told reporters.

OCMW Dendermonde

The creche. Picture: OCMW Dendermonde

Police had to show distraught parents digital photos of those taken to hospital, asking them to identify their children.

The knife-wielding man had his face painted white with black around his eyes, “like a joker” reports said.

He rode his bicycle up to the centre at about 10am, entered and began slashing a knife around, according to prosecutor Christian Du Four.

Staff reportedly tried to stop him, but he lashed out at them.

Sky News Europe correspondent Greg Milam, reporting from Dendermonde, said: “As always with a case like this, there are many questions about how it could have been allowed to happen and why more was not done to prevent it.

“The hearses were carrying victims under three years old. Nobody can believe what has happened on their doorstep.

“I think people around this region are hoping for answers about how he was able to get inside that day-care centre and cause such terrible carnage.”

Dendermonde, Belgium

Dendermonde, Belgium

A 20-year-old man was caught and arrested in a supermarket about an hour after the attack.

Reports said he had been carrying a “sack full of knives”.

“An act of great brutality has happened here against our weakest citizens,” Mayor Buyse Piet said.

“The whole city is united in support for the parents who are in deep grief.”

Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant named the 20-year-old as Francis V, from Grembergen, which is part of Dendermonde.

Officials have yet to identify the suspect but Mr Du Four confirmed the man was from the region.

Justice Minister Stefaan De Clercq later said the man was uncooperative during questioning.

It seems that the Dark Knight as it has been seen since the Frank Miller reboot of the Batman legend, has touched a nerve with the crazies. My question is where is the Batman? Anyone? Sure, you’d have to be a billionaire but, someone’s gotta be motivated to be the Bat right?

It’s a fucked up world…

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2009/01/24 at 01:39

Speaking of film: Without Remorse 2011

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, John Singleton has signed on to adapt and direct the Tom Clancy espionage thriller Without Remorse for Paramount Pictures. The film, which Paramount envisions as part of a possible franchise, marks the Hollywood return of Michael Ovitz, who will serve as producer.

Without Remorse centers on former Navy SEAL and CIA operative John Kelly, code-named Mr. Clark, who first appeared in Clear and Present Danger (played by Willem Dafoe). The novel, which was published in 1993 by Putnam, spawned a previous film version, which was in development at Savoy Pictures and was shut down during preproduction in 1995.

Singleton said he aims to make the film in line with the Phillip Noyce-helmed Clancy thrillers he is a fan of, Clear and Present Danger and Patriot Games.

I have been waiting for Hollywood to actually get it’s thumb out of it’s collective ass long enough to consider making this book into a film. Finally they seem to be serious about it and have it slated for a 2011 release date. At present it’s in the screenplay stage and there has been talk of some actors potentially to play John Clark.

Mr. Clark, for me, can really only be played by Willem DaFoe as he played him so well in “Clear And Present Danger”, but, who am I huh? One of the most horrifying things I saw on the net was that they were considering Keanu to play clark. Let me say this here and now…


I don’t want another wooden acting job by this man to kill, I mean KILL this film’s potential. PLEASE Hollywood NO! I mean first you did the whole Ben Asslick piece of improbable crap (you guys realllly mangled the book to fit this terrible screenplay for Sum Of All Fears) now you consider Keanu? Take the pipe out of the mouth.

This book really for me, was one of Clancy’s best works in my opinon. The genesis of John Clark, his taking out of the drug gangs as well as his beginnings at the CIA leading to the RAINBOW operations group… Great stuff…

I guess we shall see what happens.

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2009/01/24 at 01:14

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The Equalizer: 2009

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Do you remember the TV show The Equalizer? I remember it only by name, but it looks like this popular 1980’s private investigator series may be headed to big screen, with Jason Statham potentially tapped to star. The original show starred Edward Woodward as Robert McCall, a former spy in New York City who now takes on private investigator jobs for free, thus exacting his revenge on the criminal scum of the world.

Michael Connelly (Blood Work) and Terrill Lee Lankford (Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers!) are writing the script, with Paul McGuigan (Lucky Number Slevin, Wicker Park) supposedly interested in directing. I still haven’t seen Lucky Number Slevin, but something about this project makes it sound great to me. I miss the old detective and spy shows from the 60’s through to the 80’s, and as long as they don’t go for all out action and still maintain an element of intrigue, I am totally on board. Any fans of the show out there? What do you think about this news?

Jason Statham as Robert McCall? Really? I just don’t see him having the gravitas to carry this off. Nor do the writers instilling in me any feeling that the screenplay will be any good. At least Wicker Park and Slevin were good…

Time will tell…

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2009/01/24 at 00:59

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