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Sour grapes or people afraid to have some hope?

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I look at the intertubes this morning after the inaugural (well Livejournal f-list) and what I see is another divide. I see many people cheering on the 44rth president, but, I also see many people who are saying things like “we drank the kool aide” which by the way kids, is a misnomer. Jim Jones did not present a giant jug of cyanide laced Kool Aide. It was in fact “Flavor Aid” but, I digress…

Others also were touting the facts that we as a people had seemed to forget the good things that GW did while in office. Well, sure, he did some good. He worked with AIDS initiatives, Malaria, etc. However, his overstepping and trampling on the Constitution, (warrentless wiretaps) his outing of a CIA NOC agent, his spinning intelligence with Dick Cheney and the WHIG to get us into the Iraq morass, kind of for me, overshadow the meager wins that he had in other areas.

So, with this in mind, I can say that I think those who are crying about the loss of the right, or even the alleged moderate that McCain was supposed to be in favor of President Obama who espouses hope and change, are just venting their sour grapes. Perhaps they are afraid to hope? Perhaps they might remember just how much Kool Aide they drank post 9/11 and even now as they shine the turd that was GW Bush as President of this land.

For all those out there saying or hoping that this administration will fail, I say to you “shame on you” How do you call yourself an American when you do so? If you are an American you should truly want this country to succeed no matter who is running the show. You should be working with the system as best as you can to achieve the goals of making this country a place as Reagan used to say “The shining city on the hill” You, the sour grapers out there will only lose out in the end by your own lack of faith and perhaps inability to move toward action.

President Obama himself has said many times that he cannot do this all himself. It will take us all to change this country and to further its promise. It has been the “go it alone” that has brought us to where we are today. Both in the idea that we as a country have a tattered reputation now low these eight years post W’s inaugural. Simply though, it was and is a time for a change, and a historic one at that with the election of a person of color to the presidency.

So sure, there is much elation at this fact of Obama’s heritage, but, this is not what he has made this all about. Others have done that. He portends to be a person who can take on the mantle and lead the country as well as do so with intellect and judiciousness that we desperately need after 8 years of “from the hip” policy making by the last administration. Much of that “from the hip” being fired into place at the last minute, in the dark of night, or behind secret doors mind you.

So, the celebrations will abound for a while, but I am sure that the president will soon turn his nose to the grindstone and will call for all of us to do the same. We have a hard road ahead to change things here.

And perhaps that is what these sour grapers are really complaining about…

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2009/01/21 at 12:35

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