(Greek: κρυπτεία / krupteía, from κρυπτός / kruptós, “hidden, secret things”)

Tense-ness at the homestead

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Falling Down

Falling Down

So I come home today to find Semiotic in the laundry room here, shaken and somewhat scared and the source of her tension is a guy standing in the room too. This guy looks to be a bit older than me, close cropped grey hair, glasses, shorts and a t-shirt. On the outside he seemed harmless. However, he was rather intense, standing in the corner looking rather pissed off.

Semiotic whispered something about how he had been acting and I got the point, so I told her to go back to the apartment and I would sit with the laundry in the dryer. As soon as she had left this guy go’s over to the dryer opens it, hrupmphs, and then SLAM closes the dryer door. He then proceeds to stand in his corner and look crabby. So, I whip out my magazine and begin to read.

It’s then that this guy begins to show some pretty passive aggressive tendencies. He gets on his cell phone and starts to have a conversation (loudly so as I could hear) with someone about how he has a SIG220 and it’s a 1400 dollar gun and mumbles something about shooting after a string of epithets. The person on the other end then says something to the effect of

“What are you planning to shoot me?”

To which this guy launches into:

“No you fucker, we are going to shoot targets, what the fuck are you thinking?”

It’s at this time that I just look at him with a look of disdain that says;

“Yeah, big man, you have some self assurance issues as well as anger issues huh?”

He slams the door on the dryer after getting his 3 items out, and leaves. It was after that that Semiotic came back over and explained that this guy just went ape over his wash not getting dry and he was acting strange. She was nervous even though she had the Beretta in her pocket. I guess though, that she could not read this guy. What I got from him was that he is a guy living in an apartment complex and unhappy with his life. He feels that he has little control and perhaps had a bad day to boot.

All in all, he was full of shit and a prick, but, I don’t think a real threat. However, had he persisted more, I think I would have told him in no uncertain terms to cut it out, or he would find that SIG up his ass with me pulling the trigger til it went “click”.. Of course, my saying something like that could put me into his world huh? It’s more likely I would have told him to cut it out and had he would have left post haste.

One hopes…

So we started looking at loans for houses….

Written by Krypt3ia

2009/01/20 at 01:04

Posted in Guns, Safety

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  1. Nice. Rental life sux, especially in big complexes. With the foreclosure crisis, more people are going to flood apartment complexes, not too happy for being there either.

    Condo life rules. My complex consists of old retirees whose biggest concerns are whether or not cats are crapping in their gardens. Life is sweet.


    2009/01/20 at 02:55

  2. Actually, it’s not just rental life alas. It is overall tension in the economy etc that I think is also a large player here.

    Unless things start to get better out there, I think there will be more of this type of behavior happening along with the criminality.


    2009/01/20 at 11:52

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