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Inauguration In Thoughts and Images

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Buh Bye!

Buh Bye!

Well, this picture just screamed for a caption to really say it all! I watched/listened to the inaugural with others at lunch in our offices. The internet was SLAMMED, well at least our network was at work with all the folks trying to tune in to the thing.

Obama’s speech was good. Short, pointed, and forceful. I really enjoyed the pained look (percieved) on W’s face as he made mention of such things as “science” coming back to the US, no more torture, and general re-building of the country in the eyes of its own populace and the worl.d.

Later on, when I found the picture above, I also located this gem:

Sith lord in repose...

Sith lord in repose...

Cheney was all slumped and looked, as a friend put it; “as though his soul was trying to re-enter his body after an eight year absence” haha. Well, I personally think he looks more like the Penguin here. Then again, I always saw him with a top hat and cig in a long stem holder. He never wore that monicle I sent him.. Damn.

All in all a good day for the people and the world. Now we just have to remember that Obama cannot do this alone. WE, the PEOPLE have to also pitch in here.

Lets go folks.

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2009/01/20 at 23:47

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