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New Hampshire, a playground for those with fur on their nuts…

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Well, we headed up to NH finally to see the siblings (hers) and give them presents from Christmas. We decided to drive up yesterday morning even though we saw that it was going to snow today. We figured that if we stayed at the hotel, got up at 5am, and hit the road we “might” miss the bulk of the snow. We were of course wrong….

Yesterday started off well enough, but then we could not get a hold of the siblings. They did not answer the phones and there was a potential we would not get hold of them, so, we were almost just going to drop stuff off at their door and leave. Luckily though, half way up the 2 hour drive, we got hold of the kids and told them when we would arrive. It was from there that things went to shit.

We got to NH and I had had the Mio map set for the hotel in Concord. At exit 14 the lil fucker blipped and suddenly had us driving out to some bumblefuck area of NH where it “claimed” our hotel was. Soon after we realized we were digitally fucked by the GPS Semiotic got cranky, which in turn made me rather cranky. We were lost for about 30-40 minutes and just decided to head to the new apartment that Semiotics mother got after selling the house.

After getting about 3/4 the way there we realized that if indeed it was an apartment, we did not know the number. Nor could we call the kids to see what that was because the bumblefuck town they live in had no ATT signal at all. So, we turned around in a fit of crankyness until we got a solid signal to call and get the exact number.

Things got better after that. We saw at least one of the kids, brought the boy out for dinner and then to the book store where we bought him a large bag of books (the classics) and then went to the hotel, which, was located NOWHERE near where the GPS had us looking! Remind me to smash the GPS this week…

Next thing you know, it’s 5am and our wakeup call came. I immediately looked out the window and BAM, it was snowing heavily, dark, and did not look promising for a 2+ hour drive home. We packed up though, and headed out. The roads were mostly unplowed but there was no traffic to speak of so we took our time. The Hyundai handled exceedingly well in the snow (Hyundai Santa Fe) with the all wheel drive letting us cruise at about 50 mph.

Nearly 4 hours later we made it home. All in all not a bad ride. There were some idiots out there though, we also passed about 6 accidents on 93/90/290…

Like I said though.. NH, is a playground if you have fur on your nuts…

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2009/01/18 at 23:27

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Am I gonna have to bust a cap in someone’s ass?

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Woman Hospitalized After Scissors Attack

Police Say Man Also Tried To Attack Witnesses

POSTED: 8:30 am EST January 17, 2009
UPDATED: 11:11 am EST January 18, 2009

Attempted Murderer

Attempted Murderer

Police in Manchester are investigating a weekend stabbing that sent a woman to an area hospital.

Lt. Christopher Davis with the Manchester Police Department said the incident occurred at 8:30 p.m. Friday at an apartment at 158 Forrest St.Davis said initial reports indicated that the domestic disturbance started in apartment 716, where it is believed that a woman sustained an undetermined number of stab wounds before she fled into the lobby area of the apartment building.Davis said 29-year-old Edward Leonard chased her out of the apartment and was able to attack her again, stabbing her numerous times with a pair of scissors.Several people witnessed the attack and at least one person attempted to intervene, but was unsuccessful as Leonard attempted to attack the witness when he approached, police said.According to a police report, Leonard released the woman and dropped the scissors once confronted by officers.The victim was transported to Hartford Hospital where she is listed in critical condition.Davis said Leonard had injuries to his hand and was transported to Manchester Memorial Hospital for treatment and psychological evaluation.Upon his release Leonard is expected to be charged with criminal attempt to commit murder, first- and second- degree assault and unlawful restraint, according to a police report.His bond has been set at $1 million.

Well, recently the place I live in (a part of the chain of renovated mills in Manchester) has been seeing more and more crime happen. Manchester as it is, is almost a suburb of Hartford to start, but, of late there has been a creep of criminality including cases of assaults, break ins, purse snatchings, and destruction of property.

This escalation has roughly timed to the evolving issues with the economy as well as the rental company evidently leasing apartments (and these are not cheap) to more and more miscreants. This latest incident occurred just as another domestic happened within my adjoinning building where threats of murder were made on a female apartment dweller here. It wasn’t that long ago that a sexual predator/wanker was breaking into (with a master key) apartments and stealing womens underwear etc, in an escalation I am sure, to rape or other sexual criminal acts.

It has become clearer that we need to leave this place and have begun looking at houses. In the meantime, I am comforted in the knowledge that Semiotic has a nice Beretta in her pocket/holster/bag/ankle as well as I too have a 9mm and a 380 either on me or near my person in the apartment and out.

“The times.. They are a changin”

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