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Goodbye Grissom

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Goodbye Grissom

Goodbye Grissom

I ran across an article on today about how Grissom is leaving CSI. Part of me thinks that, well, it’s a natural progression and should be good. What I think is klugey and bad is bringing Fish in to take over (in a way) I think its actually time to let the show go CBS.

The other two shows kinda suck and really Grissom was the heart of this show. I would really hate to see this show devolve any more ala CSI Miami. What a suckfest that is…

Written by Krypt3ia

2009/01/14 at 01:52

Posted in Tv

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  1. Yeah, I’m sad about Grissom’s departure. What I liked about his character was he was all work & little play. The show was, therefore, really about forensics and the cases they studied, it wasn’t about all this personal drama crap that permeates through the other two CSI shows (NY & Miami).


    2009/01/15 at 03:06

  2. Yeah, I am afraid that they will just continue killing the corpse of this one until there is nothing left but a gelatinous stain.


    2009/01/15 at 11:37

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