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Email and linkedin pitch…

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Hi Scot

Ran across your linked in profile and was wondering what type of job

opportunities are you looking for. Would you be interested in any

computer forensics positions that needed some travel (ie if the money

were really good). Have you ever held any clearances? I’m in the dc

area currently but I know we have positions in dc, columbia md and in

san antonio tx. Maybe there is something out there you’d be

interested in. Plus we have a really good opportunity that pays 70%

over a base salary for forensics people to work in Iraq and

Afghanistan. I don’t know if that is a consideration for you. People

that work on that contract for over a year can make a lot of money tax

free. Just something to consider. Well thanks for your time.

Fred M

I used to work in the IBM Consulting group (it was PwC Consulting before)

Scary part? I am considering it.

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2009/01/13 at 01:04

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