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So, the operators on the right have put this together to start the wheels in motion for 2012. Frankly, the Palin interview comes down to this:

1) You’re shitting me right? you DIDN’T ever watch the interview with Couric? C’mon, at least make the lie probable enough to believe

2) Classicism? No, REALLY? What world do you live in? Look at all the hoopla over voting a person of color into the office of the president.. That alone should tip you off that we have not overcome just yet. Oh and by the way Sarah, the backlash against you was that you are a dullard. What has been coming of the Kennedy bid has been she doesn’t have experience of any kind (oooh familiar?) and that she uses the colloquialism of “you know” too much. See, she isn’t a public speaker either and she is certainly not a shoe in for the seat.

3) Politics is war Sarah, so, the more skeletons you have in that closet (troopergate, pregger daughter, indolent and pot smoking son in law to be, mother of son in law to be being popped for drug sales.. etc) the more there is for the media and the political operators to feed upon. You have done some shady shit too and your poop does stink.

4) You are not an intellectual and unless you put some effort into it for your own benefit, you will always be seen as a rube from Alaska who trades on her “naughty librarian” looks.

5) All in all, learn from this. Don’t just put out lame youtube videos with your freak ass friends like Joe the Plumber to underpin the core beliefs of the right wing nutbags. You want to run in the future, you got some schoolin to do… You bet’cha.

As for this, this ulitmately shows just how much out of touch the American people are and can be about their form of government. Just as much, it shows plainly just how the spin machines and the media together drive the beliefs of the populace on the government without any real substance to it.

People on average believe what they read from their chosen sources. More than likely it is only one or maybe two sources that they get their news reporting. So, should they fall into the Fox news category, then they will get the spoon fed right wing nutbag view. If they watch MSNBC, then they will get the left wing nutbag view. The key is to be “well informed” and it seems that the people of this country lack the time or the willingness to really be aware of what is going on.


It was that exactly that was attacked by the Palo-Caine apparatus using the word “intelligentsia” or Northern Intellectuals. See, they are down home hucksters like GW, or at least that is how they wanted to be painted.

“We are just like you Joe the not so much plumber!”

Not the case at all. So, if you are an intellectual, which really, wouldn’t you want a smart person running the country? You might see through all the bullshit and not vote their way. So instead bamboozle them with huckster jargon and naughty librarians. You can see the results and perhaps this is one of the reasons why Obama won?

I think overall why Obama was was this simple truth:

George W. Bush committed crimes against the constitution, lied to us, obfuscated the lies, led us to an un-necessary war in a country that did not need overthrow, and never really cared about the country’s betterment nor its laws.

He was and likely will be, the worst president, even with extenuating circumstances, since Nixon.

And the country just had enough of the abuse. We wanted something else and Palin/McCain and yes I invert them deliberately, just was not anything different from what we already had.

It’s just that.

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2009/01/09 at 07:34

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  1. You may know that I remain active in the GOP to this day, trying to turn the party around since it is vulnerable. The neocons did it in the 80’s we can do it now. In my state, we already have majorities, and while he didn’t win, we successfully sent a Campaign for Liberty member and longtime Ron Paul worker Mark Cross, as nominee from Florida for the bid to win the national GOP chair. *almost won* too. We’ve regrouped, and are working under the assumption/goal we win the state chair (RPOF) now. Controlling the 2010 and 2012 debates, funding and endorsements in Florida. This shit is changing faster than most know. The danger of a Palin in 2012 candidacy is fairly remote hopefully. Let’s hope we succeed. Not everyone thinks we are right on economics, but in liberties, the people would be in less peril, so we have more in common than we don’t with the average American.

    Anyway, that was (too long of) an intro to the point that I went to multiple GOP rallies in August-November. The need to win control of this party was never more apparent to all of us. The people who came out of the woodwork to go to their first political rallies were nothing like us. They were scary people who were frothing to be ruled by the righteous. It was disconcerting to talk to people who want to roll back law to control the “blacks with problems” or start throwing “sand niggers in camps like in WWII”, never mind the numerous people who thought Jesus would be back by 2012 … and it strengthened my resolve to ensure this nation never faces such dangers.

    I’d like to think Jeb Bush getting letters from about 140 of us in Florida vowing to work the same 12 hour days we worked *for* Paul, *against* him had something to do with the fact Jeb decided not to run for the Senate seat. We made it clear we would finance and man a direct effort to make him lose the Orlando-Daytona I-4 corridor, and I think they are realizing we can, and would probably succeed. We control the local executive committees in a couple of the counties, and have a 40% membership in Orange County’s committee (Orlando itself).

    Just 2 years ago that sounded ridiculous. Even sending a C4L rep as the nominee for FL for GOP chairman sounded ridiculous. Yet here they are now happening.

    While some still would never support the effort, I would hope people realize we are the least evil group vying for control. I hope we win.


    2009/01/09 at 09:20

  2. But I *like* naughty librarians. Just not seriously underqualified ones…

    And it’s not like Palin didn’t actively create that persona, either. I mean, who winks in a debate?


    2009/01/09 at 11:32

  3. I know people who believed in Ron Paul, but speaking as an outsider, I will always view him with skepticism since a certain vocal amount of his supporters hail from the John Birch Society / Black Helicopters / UN New World Order crowd.

    I had policy problems with Paul (the gold standard? *really?*) but thought that he was able to put together in impressive machine. Now the GOP “regulars” are falling over themselves to say that they need to emulate Paul. I guess the theory is that Obama won due to the ability for him to organize and fundraise on the Internet.


    2009/01/09 at 11:38

  4. > Now the GOP “regulars” are falling over themselves to say that they need to emulate Paul.

    If only they would mean it instead of just using it as a soundbite. They say that, and spend all their time trying to force anyone who agrees out of the party. They are losing though, so there’s hope.

    I suspect some are hedging bets, and covering butts in case they are ousted from power internally. It’s starting to become more clear that we don’t want a seat at the table but that we aim to control the Republican Party of the United States as surely as the neoconservatives controlled the Democratic Party in the 60’s and early 70’s and the GOP in the 80’s, 90’s and naughts. We aim to control it completely so I can see the hostility, and don’t begrudge them so much for it any longer. I used to. Not anymore though. It is just our successes to date have them really worried, so the vitriol is a good thing as I look at things now outside an election cycle.

    I’d be extremely cautious if you are an active Democrat. Let others know. They are fleeing the GOP in droves now. Fukuyama and Adleman among other prominent neoconservatives have endorsed Democrats this cycle, and written extensively in regards to internal Democratic Party politics … not to mention backing the winning horse for president. C4L members gained a majority in Brevard County FL not because they had more people at the committee meetings in September, but because several leaders joined the Democratic Party committees, and left us with a slim majority at the REC.

    I’m hopeful we rid American politics of this influence for the first time in 50 years, but I worry because when I talk to most staunch Democrats, they are so mad at the GOP right now, understandably I’d add, that they have circled the wagons. They aren’t going to see they are letting the wolves in until it’s too late. Just like 1972-76 all over again when they left the Democratic Party after getting all huffy McGovern won the nomination.

    It’s us humans, we are all guilty. We forget even just 30-40 years ago things weren’t like now in political parties. It’s hard to see hard shifts like are taking place right now as they happen for the non-politicos, and the Democrat voters have no idea what is about to happen to their own party if history is a guide, never mind notice the change the GOP is going through right now. I can’t and don’t blame people though. Politics sucks and is boring to most. Just thought I’d throw out a “watch out for the neocons” that are getting tossed out, in case any Democrats are reading. I’d hate to see those bastards find a new home … and the surest way to ensure that, IMHO, is to think it can’t happen.


    2009/01/09 at 14:41

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