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Reclaiming The Blade

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I found this trailer at Apple’s site this morning and hot damn, a movie I would like to see.. So I am torrenting it now… Heh. I really only torrent this one because I doubt I will be able to pay to see it near me. I am not in the cultural Mecca…

Anyway, check out the trailer and the site You might like it too.

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2008/12/10 at 19:37

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An auspicious day today, we put up the Festivus pole at work. I was amazed though at how many people had no idea what we were doing and what Festivus was or came from! So at lunch I bought this book:

Our plan is to show the episode of Seinfeld “The Strike” and celebrate “The Festivus For The Rest Of Us” I am looking forward to the airing of grievances….

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2008/12/10 at 17:57

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